BMW Motorrad Record Sales For 5th Straight Year

BMW Motorrad Record Sales For 5th Straight Year

BMW Motorrad Record Sales

BMW Motorrad Record Sales For 5th Straight Year

For the fifth-straight year, BMW Motorrad has posted record yearly sales of motorcycle and maxi scooters. BMW has attributed these sales to its top seller, the R 1200 GS adventure tourer.

The Bavarian manufacturer sold 136,963 units in 2015, which was up 10.9 percent from 2014 yearly sales of 123,497 units. The month of December was also record breaking; sales for the final month in 2015 were up 6.6 percent compared to 2014 (7,497 units vs. 7,032).

BMW Motorrad says R models (R1200GS, R1200RT, R nineT, R1200R, R1200RS) made up 53.6 percent of the sales, and the largest market was once again Germany.

Stephan Schaller, President BMW Motorrad, says “We are able to look back on an exceptionally successful year. For the first time in the history of our company we supplied more than 135,000 BMW motorcycles and maxi scooters. I should like to thank our customers most sincerely for the enormous trust they have placed in BMW Motorrad.”

BMW Motorrad is now closer to achieving its 2020 sales mark: “Our aim for 2020 is to supply 200,000 vehicles to customers. The 2015 sales figure shows that our motorcycle strategy is taking effect,” Schaller says.

“And based on this strategy we have a lot planned for the years to come. We will continue to consistently pursue our current model offensive in the premium segment over 500 cc, and we will be entering the capacity class under 500 cc with a genuine BMW machine this year – the G 310 R. In the medium term we shall be offering further innovative products in the area of urban mobility and electromobility. While continuing to extend our sales activities in existing markets, we shall also be penetrating new markets. Asia and South America are very much at the top of our list here. Our worldwide dealer network will grow significantly from the current figure of some 1,100 dealerships to a total of 1,500.

BMW Motorrad Record Sales For 5th Straight Year G310R
BMW G 310 R

“Our product and market offensive will be backed up by a repositioning of the BMW Motorrad brand. Under the brand claim ‘Make Life A Ride’, we will be developing BMW Motorrad further to make it an emotional power brand – though without giving up our traditional qualities of innovation, safety and quality.”

BMW Motorrad says it was the market leader of the over 500cc segment of motorcycles in 26 countries. North America and Europe made the biggest contribution in sales.

Germany held 17.4 percent of total sales (23,823 units sold), followed by the USA (16,501), France (12,550 units), Italy (11,150 units), UK (8.200 units) and Spain (7,976 units).

2015 BMW Motorrad Record Sales – R 1200 GS the Success Story

The top-selling BMW motorcycle in 2015 was the R1200GS (23,681 units), followed by others in the R boxer series: R 1200 GS Adventure (18,011 units), R 1200 RT (10,955 units), R nineT (9,545 units), roadster R 1200 R (6,951 units) and the new touring sports bike BMW R 1200 RS (4,208 units).

In the BMW S-Series (S-Series total: 21,110 units), the supersports bike S 1000 RR has become the fourth most popular BMW motorcycle with 9,576 units sold. Together with the power roadster S 1000 R (6,473 units) and the adventure bike S 1000 XR (5,061 units) only launched in mid-2015, it has become a powerful pillar of the BMW model range.

The two-cylinder mid-range models F 800 GS/GS Adventure (6,603 units / 4,129 units) and F 700 GS (6,282 units), as well as the F 800 R (5,971 units) and F 800 GT (2,631 units) were also popular (F-Series total: 25,616 units). The sales figure for the innovative and luxurious travel motorcycles K 1600 GT, GTL and GTL Exclusive fitted with the BMW in-line 6-cylinder engine was 4,866.

In addition, the maxi scooters C 650 GT and C 600 Sport attracted a good response: 4,530 units were sold in the last year before their model change. Sales of the electrically powered scooter BMW C evolution remained on track with 957 units. This good acceptance among customers shows that BMW Motorrad chose the right approach by taking this first step in the direction of electromobility, BMW says.

BMW Motorrad Looks Ahead to 2016

“From spring to summer 2015 we launched no less than five new models – the F 800 R, the S 1000 RR, the R 1200 R and RS and also the S 1000 XR. These made a crucial contribution to the sales success of BMW Motorrad,” Schaller says.

BMW Motorrad Record Sales For 5th Straight Year R nineT Scrambler
BMW R nineT Scrambler

The revised C 650 maxi scooters are now available, and other new units will motorcycles will show up such as the BMW R nineT Scrambler, and the first BMW under 500cc – the G 310 R.

“The signals we are getting from the markets are making us confident and optimistic. Motorcycles are clearly on an upward trend once again.

“There is a positive mood in the motorcycle markets of Europe and America. And we are intensifying our efforts in Asia, too – especially in China,” Schaller says.

“BMW Motorrad remains on course for growth. Our aim this year is to achieve a new all-time sales high once again so as to move even closer to our target of 200,000.”


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