TrackTracker 2.0 Now Available for Purchase or Free Update

TrackTracker 2.0

TrackTracker 2.0

TrackTracker 2.0 Now Available for Purchase or Free UpdateWe recently reviewed the TrackTracker app, which is the first app for Smart Phones or Tablets that is dedicated to helping you go faster at the race track. An updated TrackTracker 2.0 app is now available.

TrackTracker is the first app for Smart Phones that is dedicated to helping you go faster at the race track. Track Tracker allows you to gather all pertinent data from Race Days or Track Days so that you can refer back to what worked for you last time you were at that track or event.

TrackTracker stores Lap Times, Suspension Settings, Tire info, Engine Mapping, Gearing, Fuel, Track Maps, Race Results, Weather even where you put your Go Pro last time out!

The TrackTracker version 2.0 update makes the app much more valuable for racers. Upon creation of a new entry you can choose whether you are going to a Track Day or a Race Day. When you select the Race Day option, there are now separate categories for Practice and Qualifying as well as a Race Results page which allows you to enter your finishing position, points, average lap time, fastest lap time and number of laps raced.

And, there is room for two separate classes. Among the built in list of 28 tracks in the United States with corresponding track maps is a new pull down menu for Sanctioning Body, Racing Number and Transponder Number.

Upgrades for version 2.0, common to both the Race Day and Track Day options include improvements to both the Suspension and Tires categories as well as some slick graphic updates. Under the Suspension page, in addition to the ability to track Preload, Rebound and Compression settings for Forks and Shock separately, there is now the option to add spring rate and fork height. The Tires page includes a drop down of the top seven tire manufacturers, a dedicated field for what model of tire you are using, the tire size and what ideal pressure the tire should be set to. New for 2.0 is the Compound menu which now feature options for Super Softs, as well as Asymmetric compounds and a Hot Temp input field for the temperature you had your warmers set to for that particular tire!

TrackTracker 2.0 is just $2.99 can be found on the Apple App Store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users. The app runs on all Apple devices running IOS 6 or later including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as well as all Android devices running Android 2.3.3 and up

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