Ladies’ Choice – Top 17 Gifts For Women Motorcyclists

Ladies’ Choice - Top 18 Gifts For Women Motorcyclists Rallyrunner harley jacket
Harley-Davidson Rally Runner Jacket

Top 17 Holiday Gifts For Women Motorcyclists

It’s Christmastime, guys, and you do not want to disappoint. If you have a motorcycle riding woman in your life, here are 17 gifts to consider if you want to make her happy on December 25. I’ve even come up with a few gifts for the non-rider, because that’s okay, too. However, if your significant other doesn’t ride, the greatest gift would be a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic RiderCourse, even if she decides to stay on the back. Give her a chance.


Ladies’ Choice - Top 17 Gifts For Women Motorcyclists Sena S20
Sena 20S

1. Sena 20S - Bluetooth Communication System

After struggling for years with helmet-to-helmet communication systems that were undependable and difficult to use, we’ve come to rely on Sena so heavily that it’s hard to imagine riding without it. Beyond the safety factor, which can’t be overstated, the enhanced riding experience is tremendous.

The Sena 20S pairs easily to other Sena units; audio quality is quite good, and battery life is long and predictable. Via Bluetooth, you can use Waze, listen to music, FM radio, or take phone calls. Unless I’m testing a new helmet that doesn’t yet have a Sena device attached, I don’t leave home without the 20S-equipped helmet.

Sena 20S


2015 Zero SR ZF12.5 +Power Tank | Review road
2. Joe Rocket Ladies Trixie Jacket

Understated and stylish, the Joe Rocket Ladies Trixie riding jacket works with just about any bike in your garage. The three quarter-length cut is classy, spare and flies under the radar with subtle badging. A removable quilted vest zips in for chilly nights; zippered bicep vents cool things down in the summer months. One caveat -- there is no impact protection nor pockets to add it.

Joe Rocket Ladies Trixie Jacket


Ladies’ Choice - Top 17 Gifts For Women Motorcyclists Alpinestars Therman Tech Socks
Alpinestars Thermal Tech Socks

3. Alpinestars Thermal Tech Socks

The softest, coziest pair of riding socks ever, the full-length Alpinestars Thermal Tech Socks’ stretchy, ribbed design keeps the socks in place without constricting your legs. Nostatex fibers in the soles dissipate heat and have antibacterial properties. The fuzzy socks cushion my feet nicely inside riding boots, and hold up amazingly well to repeated washings. Grab yourself several pair if you commute to work like I do.

Alpinestars Thermal Tech Socks


4. Style Saver Scarves

I rarely put on a helmet without first slipping a Style Saver Scarf on my head. It’s not like I have a high fashion coif that I don’t want to muss, it’s more about saving my hair from being tugged on. Daily commuting means I’m dragging a helmet on and off a minimum of four times a day, so having the pre-sewn slippery satin scarf that allows my helmet to easily slide off and on without ripping out hair is a godsend. It also keeps my head cool and my helmet fresh during SoCal summer rides. Mark this down as an Essential Accessory.

Style Saver Scarves

5. Icon PDX Waterproof Shell - Inclement Weather Jacket

Whether the weather is wet, windy, or just plain early morning chilly, the Icon PDX Waterproof Shell has kept me comfortable whether off the bike or on. The generously cut jacket easily slips over riding gear without constricting movement, and the rain hood can be rolled up into a riding collar when the sun is shining. I’ve used it in the dirt, on the street, and off-the-bike -- that’s versatility.

Icon PDX Waterproof Shell


Ladies’ Choice - Top 17 Gifts For Women Motorcyclists UglyBros Gaurdian-G
UglyBros Guardian-G Riding Blue Jean

6. UglyBROS Guardian-G: Blue - Riding Jeans

Korean teenage-girl style meets super-hero action-wear at uglyBROS Motowear. You cannot help but feel like a moto-fashionista wearing anything this company makes, but UglyBROS Guardian-G: Blue riding jeans are, hands down, my favorite. Made from stretch denim, the Guardian-Gs mix texture and detail with quilted-patterning and top-stitching on the thighs, elastic shirred panels at the knees and lower back, and the removable CE-approved knee protection inserts from the outside of the pants (way cool!). Hip protection is also included, but I must admit I pull those out -- as the website notes, the fit is ‘skinny’.


7. Tour Master Solution 2.0 WP Women’s Boots

Presentable on street  motorcycles of all kinds, Tour Master’s simple Solution 2.0 WP Women’s BootsTourmaster-Solution-Boots

 have a clean design and are extremely comfortable. I have worn these for months on end for commuting, and they have also proven to be quite durable. This is an especially good gift for the woman with more than one bike, but with only room for a single pair of motorcycle  boots in her crowded closet.

Tour Master Solution 2.0 WP Women’s Boots


8. Mighty Plugs - Wax Earplugs

Attention commuters! If you’re donning a helmet everyday and racking up miles on the freeway, give your ears a break. Mighty Plugs are made from beeswax, cotton, and lanolin and mold to a custom and complete seal of your ear canal. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t wear them everyday, as it takes a whole minute (!) to soften them between your fingers and massage them into shape and I’m frequently running out the door while slipping on my helmet.

Quickly insertable foam plugs often don’t stay in place or block much wind noise, so they’re mostly a waste of time for me. Mighty Plugs significantly reduce the white noise of wind blast that comes with freeway speeds and are worth the minor effort.

Mighty Plugs


Ladies’ Choice - Top 17 Gifts For Women Motorcyclists Wojo Wallet
Wojo Wallet

9. Wojo Wallet

Just the basics, ma’am. A driver’s license, credit card, $20 bill, and insurance card--that keeps you legal and prepared, and doesn’t overstuff your pocket (what good is a sleek jacket that has lumpy contents?). Wojo Wallet’s simple neoprene design takes minimal space in your jacket or pants while keeping up to six credit card-sized items secure in your pocket. If you should take an unexpected dip in the water, the Wojo floats.

Wojo Wallet


10. Dainese Pony C2 Pelle Lady Leather Pants

Akin to the little black dress that every woman should have, the Dainese Pony C2 Pelle Lady leather pants are one lean-fitting sleek-looking pair of black leathers for her riding wardrobe. With generous stretch panels and accordion inserts in all the right places, the Pony C2 lets you move around on your bike in comfort. Removable CE-2 certified shin-length composite protectors zip in at the knees, and Pro Shape soft protection can be added at your hips, providing peace of mind for street riding. Side waist adjusters customize the fit, and a back-waist zipper allows you to join the Pony C2 to your riding jacket.

Dainese Pony C2 Pelle Lady


Ladies’ Choice - Top 17 Gifts For Women Motorcyclists Racer Women's Queen Gloves
Racer Women's Queen Gloves

11. Racer Gloves Women’s Queens Gloves

I was an immediate fan of the Women’s Queens gloves from the moment I donned them a year ago. The fleece lining is soft and cozy, and the mid-length gauntlet cut allows you to tuck in most sleeves without having the bulk of full-on winter gloves. A plastic insert across the knuckles provides impact protection, and a waterproof membrane under the supple goatskin leather keeps rain and wind at bay.

These are my favorite gloves for chilly conditions and, when paired with glove liners, they’ll work into the high 40s for me. Website says “close out -limited-inventory”, so hurry and snap up a pair right now!

Racer Gloves Women’s Queens Gloves


Ladies’ Choice - Top 17 Gifts For Women Motorcyclists Rallyrunner harley jacket
Harley-Davidson Rally Runner Jacket

12. Harley-Davidson Women’s Rallyrunner 3-in-1 Leather Jacket

The folks at The Motor Company have built a lifestyle around their bikes, and a big part of that includes the riding gear. With a keen eye for style, and a breathtaking range of designs, H-D MotorClothes could tempt a Ducatista to stray.

The Women’s Rallyrunner 3-in-1 is not fully technical, but you can add optional/removable CE-approved armor at the elbows and shoulders, while the action-back design adds extra maneuverability. With a removable, stand-on-its-own hoodie, the light weight Rallyrunner straddles various condition, making it a practical buy. As rider (touring or in-town), passenger, or just H-D fangirl, you’ll be turning heads in this vintage boardtrack racer design.

Harley-Davidson Women’s Rallyrunner 3-in-1 Leather Jacket


Honda CBR250R Photo Gallery (2011-2013)13. Sidi Vertigo Lei Boots

If a track, fast canyon, or mountain road ride is the agenda of the day, I pull out my Sidi Vertigo Lei Boots. They’re trick, highly technical, race-ready, and they absolutely feel like they mean business. My feet are solidly protected at the toes, heel, ankle, shin, and calf, and all hard parts, including toe sliders, are replaceable. A nifty ratcheting system at the back of the boot allows me to customize a secure fit around my calf. Slide open the air vents if you’re burning up the asphalt on a hot day.

Sidi Vertigo Lei Boots


Ladies’ Choice - Top 17 Gifts For Women Motorcyclists
LDC Comfort Women's Riding Tights

14. LDComfort Women’s Riding Tights

If you’re planning on being in the saddle for a long stretch, do yourself a favor--replace your undies with a pair of LDComfort Women’s Riding Tights. The standard seams and elastic bands found on most undergarments can quickly become irritating when you’re sitting in a stationary position for hours. These riding tights provide a smooth barrier between tender body parts and your bike’s seat, and can be quickly rinsed and drip dried for the next day’s ride. An excellent companion product is the LDComfort Women's Combo Top.

LDComfort Women’s Riding Tights







15. Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s Racewear

Fly Racing Kinetic Women's Dirt Bike Gear
Fly Racing Kinetic Women's Riding Gear

Fly knows you like to look good even while you’re getting dirty, and they seem to appreciate that not all girls gravitate to the pink or lavender palette. The Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s Racewear line has had some cool graphics, and I’m particularly inspired by the current Teal/Hi-Vis Yellow design with the subtle screened-rose pattern. Aside from the great look, the jersey, pants, and gloves are durable, extremely comfortable, cut for women, and stay in place (no untucked, flapping tails). I prefer the in-the-boot pants, but over-the-both pants are also available.

Fly Racing Kinetic Women’s Racewear

16. Arai Pro Shade System

Ladies’ Choice - Top 17 Gifts For Women Motorcyclists Arai Pro Shade System
Arai Pro Shade System

I love this visor! Arai came up with the Arai Pro Shade System, a unique system allowing the rider to flip an exterior tinted visor up or down over their full face shield with a flick of the wrist. This frees one from choosing between a heavier helmet with a retractable interior sun visor, or sliding sunglasses into a helmet, which can be an uncomfortably snug fit in some helmets.

When the Pro Shade visor is in the "up" position, it acts like a baseball-cap visor shading your face. When the Pro Shade visor is down, you have the usual protection of a tinted visor, though coverage is not as full as a standard shield, which can make reading the dash easier. The Pro Shade System has made my Arai Signet-Q my go-to helmet. If your gift recipient doesn’t have an Arai, well, here’s your chance for the gift of safety.

Arai Pro Shade System


17. Fly Racing Corporate Zip-Up Hoodie

A super soft, comfortable zip up hoodie to throw on after riding, the Fly Racing Corporate Zip-Up Hoodie has snuck its way into my non-moto wardrobe, as well. Fly Racing keeps on the style edge by constantly changing up colors and designs, so my favorite teal color is no longer available. If you act quickly, it can still be gotten at the link below.

Fly Racing Corporate Zip-Up Hoodie



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