James Stewart to Australian Supercross

James Stewart Back In for Australian Supercross
James Stewart

Earlier this week, Yoshimura James Stewart, who was supended from 2015 Supercross due to penalty for testing positive for illegal substances, was going to miss Australian Supercross race due to training and testing conflicts.

But JS7 is now confirmed for the AUS-X Open of Supercorss, which is set for November 28 and 29. The two-time AMA Supercross Champion, who will also race Bercy-Lille Supercross in France this weekend, says the team was able to streamline the trip and keep him on course with training and testing for 2016 Supercross.

James Stewart says: “I was pretty devastated to see the response after I announced I couldn’t make it to Australia. The fans have always been one of the best things about racing to me and after seeing their reactions, both good and bad, I knew I had to figure out a way to get down there.

“I spoke to the team and we worked out a couple things that can make it work. I’ve always wanted to head down there and race. There’s a lot of serious motorcycle fans in Australia and it will be good to get to Sydney and give them the show they deserve.”

Stewart is on his way to France for the Bercy-Lille Supercross this weekend, then off to Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia for the AUS-X Open of Supercross on November 28th and 29th. He will then continue his testing and training for the 2016 AMA/FIM Supercross Championship, which kicks off in Anaheim, CA on January 9, 2016, Yoshimura Suzuki reports.