Motorcycle Types Adventure / Dual-Sport Aerostich New Initiative: 100% Money-Back Ride-More Guarantee

Aerostich New Initiative: 100% Money-Back Ride-More Guarantee

Wear an Aerostich R-3 or Roadcrafter Classic, and Ride More – Guaranteed

Aerostich New Initiative: 100% Money-Back Ride-More Guarantee
Aerostich R-3 Light

The best way to ride more is to make riding your easiest, fastest way to get from A to B…simple everyday commuting and errands, or whatever. And the best and easiest way to do that is by wearing a one-piece Aerostich R-3 suit.

To prove it, Aerostich is pleased to announce a 100% money-back Ride-More Guarantee, for all Aerostich one-piece suits. If you try any Aerostich one piece R-3 or Roadcrafter Classic riding suit for one month, and are not riding more than you did before receiving it, send it back and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

An Aerostich one piece suit creates entirely new kinds of riding experiences. You simply step in and zip down…well and completely protected and all-weather comfortable, with your regular street clothing beneath. You’ll always arrive at your destination quicker, happier, at lower cost…and you’ll find better places to park there, too. With an Aerostich one piece suit you ride more comfortably through all weather and climates, and are more effectively protected from abrasions and impacts, too.

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This is serious technology for increasing your everyday freedom-of-mobility. It is so much faster, easier and more convenient than wearing traditional gear.

Most regular commuting-riders here at Aerostich and many professional riders working across all occupations choose one piece Aerostich suits because they have proven through long experience to be the best and easiest way to dress protectively for frequent and all-around riding. As long ago as 1986, the first Cycle World Magazine product-testing editor discovered: “You simply step into the right side of the suit, leg first, then…” And then you RIDE!

The Aerostich Ride More Guarantee is about being able to ride more. Try one, and you will. Aerostich guarantee it.

Aerostich Ride-More Guarantee:

  • Ride More or your money back
  • Prepare for an all new riding experience
  • Increase your motorcycling: save money and be happier.
  • Experience better fitting, more comfortable gear
  • Ride comfortably through wider range of weather
  • Limited cosplay, or improving mobility…which for you?
  • Combine style with substance.
  • Amuse those who see you wearing a onsie and don’t get it

For additional information, visit Aerostich.

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