Delta-Q Technologies IC Series Motorcycle Battery Chargers Released

Delta-Q Technologies IC Series Motorcycle Battery Chargers Released
Delta-Q Technologies IC 650, IC900 and IC1200 battery chargers

Delta-Q Technologies IC Series Battery Chargers

Delta-Q Technologies IC Series Motorcycle Battery Chargers Released
Delta-Q Technologies IC 650, IC900 and IC1200 battery chargers

The Canada-based Delta-Q Technologies has launched new products that offers modern batter-charging solutions for motorcycles, scooters and other power sports products – the IC Series.

The new IC900 and IC1200 Industrial Battery Chargers join Delta-Q Technologies’ IC650 charger to offer charging solutions for many product lines. The numbers represent watts of DC output power.

The Delta-Q Technologies IC Series charges are designed for high reliability in order to withstand operating and environmental conditions faced by electric motorcycles and scooters. Delta-Q chargers provide the flexibility to charge either lithium-ion or lead acid (wet/flooded, sealed AGM or gel) batteries. The three models in the IC Series provide 650, 900 and 1200 watts of DC output power, respectively, and all are available in 24-, 36- and 48-volt models.

Delta-Q is now accepting IC900 and IC1200 sample requests for delivery in December 2015, with full commercial production beginning in March 2016. Specifications for the chargers are available on

“IC Series chargers are highly reliable on-board charging solutions for electric motorcycles and scooters, providing precise charging of lithium-ion batteries and the convenience of plugging into the nearest outlet,” said Jeff Everett, IC Series product manager at Delta-Q. “Manufacturers can easily integrate the IC Series charger that best suits their charge time requirement and customize charging features to differentiate their machines.”

IC Series chargers are validated for a long service life in challenging on-board applications and provide superior machine uptime. Their IP66-rated ingress protection seals out dirt and fluids, while mechanical design and component selection help resist factors such as vibration, shock and temperature extremes. All Delta-Q chargers are made in a world-class facility for high reliability solutions with very low defect rates.
Delta-Q products provide “charge quality” for lithium-ion and lead acid batteries using charge profiles developed in Delta-Q’s battery lab. These high-performance profiles balance battery life, longevity and charge time requirements. Delta-Q has commercialized more than 50 charge profiles, ensuring that users experience better run time and flexibility for different battery chemistries.
Optional CAN bus communication enables a link between the charger and other components, providing for safe lithium-ion battery charging, and machine diagnostics and servicing information. IC Series chargers store charge cycle data, which is accessible using their built-in USB host port. Through the host port, software updates and new charge profiles can be installed using a pre-programmed USB flash drive.

All IC Series chargers have a wide AC input range and are usable on any single-phase electrical grid worldwide. The IC650 holds broad regulatory approvals and identical approvals are intended for the IC900 and IC1200.

For additional information, visit Delta-Q Technologies.



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