Classic Ride Edition Honda CB750 Watch Classic Ride Edition Honda CB750 Watch
Honda CB750 Classic Ride Edition Watch

The folks at – an online accessory shop for the world’s first mass-produced four-cylinder motorcycle, the CB750 – have released a new stainless steel wristwatch – the Classic Ride Edition.

The watch’s face is designed to mimic the speedometer of the Honda CB 750, and is available in two versions – either mph or kmh.

Contrary to the classic mechanical speedometer of the CB 750 Four, the Classic Ride Edition Honda CB750 watch is powered by a high-precision Swiss Part quartz movement.

The green dial mirrors the legendary design of the CB 750 speedometer with white markings from 0 to 140 mph on the version with a scale in miles and from 0 to 220 km/h in the version that displays kilometers per hour. Following the style of a classic odometer, lettering that reads “00750.0” documents the inspiration of this timepiece.

The “trip meter” displays “000.4” and hints of course at the bike engine’s four cylinders. The large stainless-steel case has a diameter of 43 millimeters and shows the speedometer design to full advantage. The exclusive design is rounded out by a black leather watchband with stainless-steel clasp.

The high-quality CBX speedometer Honda CB750 watch is made in Germany, and available exclusively online at, and sells for EUR 119 (about $130 US).

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