Dainese TR-Course In Boots Review – Inside Pants Motorcycle Boot

Dainese TR-Course In Boots Review - Underpants Motorcycle Boot
Dainese TR-Course In Air Boot

Dainese TR-Course In Boots Review

Dainese TR-Course In Boots Review - Underpants Motorcycle Boot
Dainese TR-Course In Air Boot

Last year I reviewed the Dainese TR-Course Out Boots, which became my favorite pair of grab-and-go boots. They are extremely comfortable, superbly made, and are appealing to the eye.

The rear zipper speeds entry and egress, which was a leading reason why I chose them as my only boot for a 2,400 mile tour of California and Oregon last year. Yes – the Dainese TR-Course Out Air are basically entry-level race boots that are comfortable enough to walk around in and wear every day, all day, for 10 days in a row.

Enter the Dainese TR-Course In boots, which I’ve been riding with for a bit now. The Dainese In boots are about 1.25-inches shorter in height than the Out Air boots, and are designed to fit underneath riding pants. I tested the “Air” version, which adds perforation.

The Dainese TR-Course In Air boots are true to my size and give me the feel, flexibility, support and protection I demand in a boot. I may occasionally wear jeans when riding, and feel a bit guilty and exposed when doing so – but I never ride without strong, protective boots. Now, besides time at the track, the TR-Course In boots have displaced the Out boot because they fit better under slim-cut jeans.

Speaking of In versus Out, it is said that the In boots, when worn with a matching Dainese suit that zips over the shaft of the boot, offer more torsional stability and protection during an event that twists the rider’s foot in relation to the lower leg. I’m told that this enhances protection for the tibia and fibula in the event of a crash. The boot has two patches of hook material on the shaft that mate with loop material inside the cuff area on the suit legs, imparting maximum connectivity.

They have an external brace and hinge system at the ankle with a very stiff sole and a toe area protected, not by steel, but by some material that is very stiff. The Dainese TR-Course In Air boots are built, it seems, for safety first, even though they sure are handsome.

Enhanced protection and a stylish looks can go together. I still wear race suits that require boots outside the pant leg but the In concept has me sold – they are my favorite at this time. The boots are also available without the tiny perforations that make them the Air model.

The Dainese TR-Course In boots costs $299.95; for additional information, visit Dainese.com.

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