Dainese Race Pro In Gloves | Review

Dainese Race Pro In Gloves | Review
Dainese Race Pro In Gloves

Dainese Race Pro In Gloves Test

Dainese Race Pro In Gloves | Review
Dainese Race Pro In Gloves

Going along with its “In” concept such as the TR-Course In boots that go underneath the pant cuff, Dainese’s new Race Pro In gloves feature a “Gloves-to-sleeve InnerTech System.”

The glove does not have the mating hook and loop fastening system, but instead a narrow neoprene cuff extending up from the crease of the wrist.

This cuff tucks inside the jacket’s sleeve end, which then zips securely over the wrist area and yields a snug, clean feel and look. There is a hook and loop strap on the inside of the wrist to cinch them tighter.

Regarding fit of the Dainese Race Pro In Gloves, my usual size large was a bit tight. I can get them on and am sure they will stretch a bit over time. I can always do the get-them-really-wet-and-ride-until-they-dry trick, which has always worked for me.

They are, as is typical of Dainese products, well made with perfect stitching throughout a complex assortment of pieces that make up the glove.

The Dainese Race Pro In Gloves are marketed to the serious track rider and are built with mostly cowhide construction, a goatskin palm and stainless-steel armor on the back of the hand. There is additional protection on the knuckles and the palm has textured grippers inside the knuckle area and a flexible, but very stiff plastic insert at the heel of the palm where contact with the road is usually made during a crash.

They do look good all sleek and tucked under the sleeve end. I am not sure I prefer this to a glove that has an armored gauntlet cuff offering that much more protection at the wrist. Time will tell if this In glove gets traction.

The Dainese Race Pro In Gloves are available for $279.95; for additional information, visit Dainese.

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