Matrix Concepts 6-Pack Combo Kit

Matrix Concepts 6-Pack Combo Kit Review
Matrix Concepts 6-Pack Combo Kit

Even when you have a dedicated shelf for chemical cans and bottles, they are inevitably in the way. They get knocked over or have to be moved gently, and are as much a pain as they are indispensable. The 6-Pack Combo Kit w/ Bottle Rack from Matrix Concepts does a great job of solving the problem.

Easily mounted on the wall with two heavy-duty screws (not included), the Matrix Concepts bottle rack keeps your collection of containers out of harm’s way, yet completely accessible. As a bonus, it gives you six cleaning and maintenance products from Matrix Concepts to try.

Of the six, we were big fans of the Formula 2 Four N One Shine (spray it on plastic for a nice finish, no rag needed), Formula 4 Hard Parts Dressing (freshens up the motor’s appearance nicely), and Formula 5 Brake Rotor & Parts Cleaner (keeps the discs detergent-free after washing). We like the combination of convenience and effectiveness.

The other three sprays included in the Matrix Concepts 6-Pack Combo Kit are the Formula 1 Wash/Degreaser, the Formula 3 Plastic/Rubber Conditioner, and the Formula 6 Motorcycle Pre-Ride Treatment.

The Matrix Concepts 6-Pack Combo Kit runs $89.95; for additional information, visit Matrix Concepts.