Lobomotive Lobo 3 Custom Motorcycle

Lobomotive Lobo 3 | Spanish Custom Motorcycle Exposed
Lobomotive Lobo 3

Spain is rightfully known for its skilled road racers (can we deny the talent of MotoGP’s Marc Marquez?) and boutique motorcycle manufacturers. However, there is also a bold custom culture in Spain, and Lobomotive of Barcelona is a leading builder of fascinating machines.

A podium finisher in the Street Performance class at the 2014 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building in Cologne, Germany, the long, muscular Lobo 3 bristles with trick bits.

Our eyes are immediately drawn to the twin 360mm Galfer Superbike Wave Rotors on American- sourced BST carbon fiber wheels (with German-made 18-inch Continental ContiRoadAttack 2 tires) and Spanish Galfer pads inside four-piston monobloc calipers radially mounted to Thunderbike forks from Germany with air suspension. The wheels are only a hint of the carbon fiber to come, with an aerodynamic angular shorty fender pointing the way, along with LED lighting.

With Italian Rizoma mirrors and diminutive British Hope Tech 3 master cylinders from the mountain bike world—hydraulic intensifiers are hidden — and a German Motogadget dash, the control area of the Lobo 3 is incredibly clean.

Behind that, we find Lobomotive’s carbon-fiber bodywork that stretches from the steering head of the company’s Short Dragster frame to the BST rear wheel, with the carbon fiber doing double duty as an ultra-short fender and pan for the bicycle-inspired Lobomotive seat.

At the rear, in addition to a discreet Lobomotive shock, is appropriately fat 240mm rubber, with ZR speed rating, again on a BST carbon fiber wheel, with a Galfer disc carefully hidden behind the rear drive belt pulley. A tire-hugging monoarm, mounted on a Rebuffini swingarm from Italy, holds the license plate and Spanish-legal lighting.

Powering the Locomotive Lobo 3 is a familiar American combination—a 96-inch S&S Cycle motor, S&S’s IST ignition, plus a BDL primary, Barnett centrifugal clutch, and Baker six-speed gearbox. Rebuffini air filter and coil covers add a little Italian flair, while the exhaust is Lobomotive’s.

Fully internationally integrated, the Lobomotive Lobo 3 appeals to our senses of performance, style, and individuality.

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Story from Ultimate MotorCycling magazine.