2015 Slovakia ISDE Day 3 Results | Team USA Loses Two

2015 Slovakia ISDE Day 3 Results | Team USA Loses Two
Team USA's Ryan Sipes

2015 Slovakia International Six Days Enduro Day 3 Recap

2015 Slovakia ISDE Day 3 Results | Team USA Loses Two
Team USA’s Ryan Sipes

The third day of the 2015 FIM International Six Days Enduro held in Kosice, Slovakia, was a miserable one for eight riders in the World Trophy Class, including the USA’s Taylor Robert (KTM).

Due to missing an intermediate course checkpoint, the following riders were “excluded”: Robert, Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha – France), Anthony Boissiere (Sherco – France), Jeremy Joly (KTM – France), Lorenzo Santolino (Sherco – Spain), Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha – Spain), David Knight (KTM – Great Britain) and Manuel Monni (TM – Italy).

The 2015 ISDE riders all protested, which forced officials into a meeting to discuss the situation. The situation is currently under investigation.

Besides Robert’s situation, Team USA suffered another blow when it’s top rider, KTM’s Kaliub Russell, sustained a knee injury.

“I felt my knee pop on the first cross test today and knew it wasn’t good. I got a pain killing injection and tried to ride on, but then I had a big crash on the next Enduro test. I hit something on a downhill and my bike cartwheeled and got pretty smashed up,” Russell says. Due to this, the Day 1 leader was forced out of competition.

When the day was complete, Team Australia continued to hold the lead across all competitions – the World Trophy, Junior Trophy and Women’s World Trophy. Due to the penalties, Italy finished second on Day three, 12 minutes behind the Australians. Finland finished third ahead of Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia and Portugal.

The excluded incident left four of the World Trophy hopeful teams at the end of the result sheet. USA is 20th, Spain 21st, Great Britain 22nd and France, last year’s winner, in last place at 23rd after three of their riders were caught up in the confusion.

Having now firmly settled into the rhythm of the race, Australia continue to stamp their authority on the FIM Junior World Trophy team classification. Increasing their lead to over eight minutes, their four-strong team of Broc Grabham (Sherco), Tom Mason (KTM), Daniel Sanders (KTM) and Tye Simmonds (KTM) enter the second half of the race in a very strong position. Sweden remains second overall at the halfway point in the event with defending champions USA third. France and Great Britain sit fourth and fifth overall respectively heading into day four and a brand new course and tests.

There was no touching Australia’s Tayla Jones – Yamaha in the Women’s class. Dominating proceedings for the third day in succession, Jones enjoyed a two-minute margin of victory on day three. With Australia placing first, second and third overall they extend their advantage to a sizable twenty-seven minutes over France and Sweden in the female category.

In the Enduro 1 class an early exit of USA’s Russell opened the way for Great Britain’s Jaime McCanney – Husqvarna to secure his first day win of the week while moving up to take control of the overall class standings. Ending his day in third, Australia’s Josh Green – Yamaha jumps up to second with Germany’s Edward Huebner – KTM completing the top three.

Ryan Sipes – Husqvarna and Daniel Milner – Yamaha battled it out for the top spot in the Enduro 2 class, Sipes eventually ending the day as the winner. With a little under nine-seconds separating the US and Australian racers, third went to France’s Loic Larrieu – Sherco. The three riders hold the same respective positions overall.

Australia’s Daniel Sanders – KTM once again proved the rider to beat in the Enduro 3 class. Securing the day win Sanders extends his overall lead in classification. Portugal’s Luis Correia – Beta enjoyed another strong outing to move into second position with Australia’s Lachlan Stanford – Husqvarna slipping back to third.

Day four will see the now tired riders tackle a new course, which will be used for the next two days in succession and ahead of the final day motocross.

2015 Slovakia ISDE Day 3 Results:

World Trophy Results Day Three

1. Australia, 3:47.33.73 h (Joshua Green, 45:49.58 min; Daniel Milner, 44:25.78; Matthew Phillips, 45:17.31; Beau Ralston, 45:48.64; Lachlan Stanford, 46:12.42; Glen Kearny, 47:50.87)

2. Italy, 3:53:07.70 (Matteo Bresolin, 46:44.08; Nicolo Mori, 46:35.91; Jonathan Manzi, 46:03.56; Davide Guarneri, 47:55.66; Oscar Balletti, 45:48.49; Manuel Monni, 3:00:00.00)

3. Finland, 3:55.09.12 (Eero Remes, 45:24.62; Antti Hellsten, 47:34.23; Mika Barnes, 47:56.17; Eemil Pohjola, 47:47.09; Henric Stigell 46:27.01; Matias Savo, 48:18.48)

4. Germany, 3:58:24.47 (Nico Rambow, 3:00:00.00; Mark Risse, 48:21.64; Jan Schaefer, 48:09.67; Davide von Zitzewitz, 47:50.31; Christian Weiss, 48:05.03; Edward Huebner, 45:57.82)

5. Czech Republic, 3:58.02.62 (Jiri Hadek, 48:25.78; Ondrej Helmich, 47:37.08; Michal Kadlecek, 48:56.27; Patrik Markvart, 46:54.75; Jaromir Romancik, 46:26.10; Radek Toman, 48:38.91)

World Trophy Standings after three of six days

1. Australia, 11:21:26.37 h (Joshua Green; Daniel Milner; Matthew Phillips; Beau Ralston; Lachlan Stanford; Glen Kearny)

2. Italy, +12.39.29 min (Matteo Bresolin; Nicolo Mori; Jonathan Manzi; Davide Guarneri; Oscar Balletti; Manuel Monni)

3. Finland, +24:28.88 (Eero Remes, Antti Hellsten, Mika Barnes, Eemil Pohjola, Henric Stigell, Matias Savo)

4. Germany, +29.09.03 (Nico Rambow, Mark Risse, Jan Schaefer, Davide von Zitzewitz, Christian Weiss, Edward Huebner)

5. Czech Republic, +31:15.18 (Jiri Hadek, Ondrej Helmich, Michal Kadlecek, Patrik Markvart, Jaromir Romancik, Radek Toman)

Junior Trophy Results Day Three

1. Australia, 2:19:46.08 h (Broc Grabham, 48:38.32 min; Tom Mason, 48:43.79; Daniel Sanders, 45:10.13; Tye Simmonds, 45:57.63)

2. USA, 2:22:04.99 (Grant Baylor, 45:31.05; Steward Baylor, 47:06.70; Nicholas Davis, 49:27.24; Layne Michael, 3:00:00.00)

3. Sweden, 2:22:14.99 (Jesper Borjesson, 47:18.38; Michael Persson, 46:03.89; John Ramstrom, 48:52.72; Tommy Sjostrom, 49:38.84)

4. France, 2:24:08.08 (Quentin Delhaye de Maulde, 48:10.64; David Abgrall, 48:01.32; Jean-Baptiste Nicolot, 51:02.33; Anthony Geslin, 47:56.12)

5. Great Britain, 2:24:27.83 (James Dent, 47:56.90; Josh Gotts, 3:00:00.00; Rob Johnson, 48:54.57; Lee Sealey, 47:36.36)

Junior Trophy Standings after three of six days

1. Australia, 6:57:50.92 h (Broc Grabham; Tom Mason; Daniel Sanders; Tye Simmonds)

2. Sweden, +8:33.45 min (Jesper Borjesson; Michael Persson; John Ramstrom; Tommy Sjostrom)

3. USA, +12:33.96 (Grant Baylor; Steward Baylor; Nicholas Davis; Layne Michael)

4. France, +14:11.21 (Quentin Delhaye de Maulde; David Abgrall; Jean-Baptiste Nicolot; Anthony Geslin)

5. Great Britain, +15.40.01 (James Dent; Josh Gotts; Rob Johnson; Lee Sealey)

Women’s Trophy Results Day Three

1. Australia, 2:14:25.16 h (Jessica Gardiner, 1:08:13.03; Tayla Jones, 1:06:12.13; Jemma Wilson, 1:08:57.07)

2. France, 2:26:14.76 (Blandine Dufrene, 1:11:21.26; Geraldine Fournel, 1:16:36.24; Audrey Rossat, 1:14:53.50)

3. Sweden, 2:27:38.92 (Jessica Jonsson, 1:16:38.97; Emelie Karlsson, 1:10:59.95; Emmily Smalsjo, 1:27:45.35)

4. USA, 2:30:17.55 (Rachel Gutish, 1:13:36.00; Mandi Mastin, 1:18:15.87; Jamie Wells, 1:16:41.55)

5. Finland, 2:30:40.34 (Sanna Karkkainen, 1:10:20.51; Taru Koskinen, 3:00:00.00; Marita Nyqvist, 1:20:19.83)

Women’s Trophy Standings after three of six days

1. Australia, 5:41.11.59 h (Jessica Gardiner; Tayla Jones; Jemma Wilson)

2. France, +27:09.21 min (Blandine Dufrene; Geraldine Fournel; Audrey Rossat)

3. Sweden, +40:05.95 (Jessica Jonsson; Emelie Karlsson, 56:09.58; Emmily Smalsjo)

4. Finland, +43:14.00 (Sanna Karkkainen; Taru Koskinen; Marita Nyqvist)

5. USA, +49:31.84 (Rachel Gutish; Mandi Mastin; Jamie Wells)

E1 Results Day Three

1. Jamie McCanney (GBR), Husqvarna, 45:13.58 min

2. Eero Remes (FIN), TM, +11.04 sec

3. Joshua Green (AUS), Yamaha, +36.00

4. Edward Huebner (GER), KTM, + 44.24

5. Michael Persson (SWE), Yamaha, +50.31

E1 Standings after three of six days

1. Jamie McCanney (GBR), Husqvarna, 2:15:15.46 h

2. Joshua Green (AUS), Yamaha, +1:25.99 min

3. Edward Huebner (GER), KTM, +3:34.47

4. Josep Garcia (ESP), Husqvarna, +3:38.28

5. Michael Persson (SWE), Yamaha, +5:07.94

E2 Results Day Three

1. Ryan Sipes (USA), Husqvarna, 44:16.84 min

2. Daniel Milner (AUS), Yamaha, +8.94 sec

3. Loic Larrieu (FRA), Sherco, +50.95

4. Jaume Betriu (ESP), Husqvarna, +56.47

5. Thaddeus Duvall (USA), Husqvarna, +56.77

6. Matthew Phillips (AUS), KTM, +1:00.47 min

E2 Standings after three of six days

1. Ryan Sipes (USA), Husqvarna, 2:13:32.54 h

2. Daniel Milner (AUS), Yamaha, +12.26 sec

3. Loic Larrieu (FRA), Sherco, +1:58.03 min

4, Matthew Phillips (AUS), KTM, +1:58.64

5. Jaume Betriu (ESP), Husqvarna, +2:51.31

E3 Results Day Three

1. Daniel Sanders (AUS), KTM, 45:10.13 min

2. Mathias Bellino (FRA), Husqvarna, +13.86 sec

3. Luis Correia (POR), Beta, +34.23

4. Oscar Balletti (ITA), KTM, +38.36

5. Antoine Basset (FRA), KTM, +51.50

E3 Standings after three of six days

1. Daniel Sanders (AUS), KTM, 2:15:56.56 h

2. Luis Correia (POR), Beta, +51.08 sec

3. Lachlan Stanford (AUS), Husqvarna, +1:17.46 min

4. Oscar Balletti (ITA), KTM, +1:25.52

5. Mathias Bellino (FRA), Husqvarna, +1:30.90

EW Results Day Three

1. Tayla Jones (AUS), Yamaha, 1:06:12.13 h

2. Jessica Gardner (AUS), Sherco, +2:00.90 min

3. Jemma Wilson (AUS), Yamaha, +2:44.94

EW Standings after three of six days

1. Tayla Jones (AUS), Yamaha, 2:48:27.92 h

2. Jemma Wilson (AUS), Yamaha, +5:24.17 min

3. Jessica Gardner (AUS), Sherco, +6:01.29