2015 ISDE Day 1 Results – USA Takes World Trophy Lead

Husqvarna's Mike Brown 2016 ISDE Day 1
Husqvarna's Mike Brown

2015 ISDE Day 1 Results – Team USA Takes Lead

2016 ISDE Day 1 Results - USA Takes World Trophy Lead
KTM’s Kaliub Russell

Team USA began the 90th edition of the FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) held in Kosice, Slovakia, in the most optimal position for the win – first.

When the opening day of 2015 ISDE competition wrapped up Monday, September 7, under dry conditions, Team USA took the lead in the World Trophy competition. KTM’s Kailub Russell was the dominate American pilot out of the six-rider team that also includes Thad Duvall (Husqvarna), Mike Brown (Husqvarana), Taylor Robert (KTM), Ryan Sipes (Husqvarna) and Gary Sutherlin (KTM).

Team USA finished 2015 ISDE Day 1 1:14 seconds ahead of Team Australia, with last year’s World Trophy winners, Team France, finishing third. Team France would have taken second if its rider, Mathias Bellino (Husqvarna), didn’t incur a one-minute penalty for prematurely starting his Husky on the start ramp.

“It was a great day for myself and the US team, but there’s still a lot of racing to be done,” commented Russell. “I felt like I was at a bit of a disadvantage on some of the tests, being the first rider onto them. But the day went well and the team all rode really strong. The day wasn’t too tough, but there were some technical hills. If we get a lot of rain things will get hard,” Russell said following 2016 ISDE Day 1.

Husqvarna's Mike Brown 2016 ISDE Day 1
Husqvarna’s Mike Brown

Finishing fourth, just under a minute behind France, was Spain, which was followed by Italy, Portugal, Great Britain and Finland. As for Great Britain, its team is down to five riders after its young rider, Joe Wootton (Husqvarna), was forced to retire after making a “simple mistake.” Wootton broke his lower-right leg, and will not be able to finish.

2015 ISDE Day 1 Results, Junior Trophy

Just as they did last year at Argentina ISDE, Australia has taken an early lead in the FIM Junior World Trophy competition. But unlike in 2014 when they topped day one by a little over thirty seconds, this time out in Slovakia the Australian squad sits three minutes ahead of their closest challengers. Sweden placed second with France third, USA fourth and Great Britain fifth in this category, the FIM reports.

2015 ISDE Day 1 Results, Women’s Trophy Team

In the FIM Women’s World Trophy team competition the Australian trio of Jessica Gardiner (Sherco), Jemma Wilson (Yamaha), and Tyla Jones (Yamaha) won the opening day. Expected to deliver a strong performance, the Australian team finished close to eight minutes ahead of second placed France. While the gap between the first and second placed nations was significant, third placed Sweden finished less than one-and-a-half minutes up on Finland in fourth. The USA and Slovakia rounded out the top six, the FIM reports.

2015 ISDE Day 1 Results, Class Report

In the Enduro 1 class USA’s Kailub Russell took the win, topping three of the day’s six special tests. Runner-up was Great Britain’s Jamie McCanney, 17 seconds back, while third was France’s Marc Bourgeois. Matching his team-mates class-topping performance, American Ryan Sipes powered his Husqvarna to the top spot in Enduro 2 ahead of Australia’s Daniel Milner and France’s Loic Larrieu. Australian’s Lachlan Stanford and Daniel Sanders secured the top two spots in the Enduro 3 class, separated by less than two seconds. Third fastest was Portugal’s Luis Correia.

Day two of the 90th ISDE in Slovakia will take riders over the exact same course and special tests as used on day one, but perhaps in varied conditions.

2015 ISDE Day 1 Results from Slovakia:

World Trophy Results

1. USA, 3:42:49.48 h (Thaddeus Duvall, 44:56.69 min; Michael Brown, 45:27.76; Taylor Robert, 44:37.79; Kailub Russell, 43:52.82; Ryan Sipes, 43:54.42; Gary Sutherlin, 45:45.54)

2. Australia, +1:14.17 min (Joshua Green, 44:46.56; Daniel Milner, 44:09.72; Matthew Phillips, 44:32.20; Beau Ralston, 45:52.31; Lachlan Stanford, 44:50.82; Glen Kearny, 45:44.36)

3. France, +1:31.70 (Marc Bourgeois, 44:11.98; Anthony Boissiere, 44:55.83; Loic Larrieu, 44:21.76; Antoine Basset, 45:02.15; Jeremy Joly, 45:49.46; Mathias Bellino, 45:54.65)

Junior Trophy Results

1. Australia, 2:17:03.21 h (Broc Grabham, 46:57.10 min; Tom Mason, 47:10.05; Daniel Sanders, 44:52.53; Tye Simmonds, 45:13.58)

2. Sweden, +3:06.70 min (Jesper Borjesson, 46:27.73; Michael Persson, 46:43.09; John Ramstrom, 47:55.41; Tommy Sjostrom, 46:59.11)

3. France, +4:35.27 (Quentin Delhaye de Maulde, 47:36.62; David Abgrall,

Women’s Trophy

1. Australia, 1:40:56.66 h (Jessica Gardiner, 52:27.06 min; Tayla Jones, 50:15.14; Jemma Wilson, 50:41.52)

2. France, +7:38.57 min (Blandine Dufrene, 54:03.56; Geraldine Fournel, 55.09.14; Audrey Rossat, 54:31.57)

3. Sweden, +16:33.28 (Jessica Jonsson, 1:01:20.36; Emelie Karlsson, 56:09.58; Emmily Smalsjo, 1:01:54.64)

E1 Results

1. Kailub Russell (USA), KTM, 43:52.82 min

2. Jamie McCanney (GBR), Husqvarna, +17.14 sec

3. Marc Bourgeois (FRA), Yamaha, +19.16

4. Eero Remes (FIN), TM, +36.58

5. Joshua Green (AUS), Yamaha, +53.73

E2 Results

1. Ryan Sipes (USA), Husqvarna, 43:54.42 min

2. Daniel Milner (AUS), Yamaha, +15.30 sec

3. Loic Larrieu (FRA), Sherco, +27.34

4. Matthew Phillips (AUS), KTM, +37.78

5. Robert Taylor (USA), KTM, +43.37

E3 Results

1. Lachlan Stanford (AUS), Husqvarna, 44:50.82 min

2. Daniel Sanders (AUS), KTM, +1.71 sec

3. Luis Correia (POR), Beta, +6.32

4. Antoine Basset (FRA), KTM, +11.33

5. Oscar Balletti (ITA), KTM, +20.22

EW Results

1. Tayla Jones (AUS), Yamaha, 50:15.14 min

2. Jemma Wilson (AUS), Yamaha, +26.38 sec

3. Jessica Gardner (AUS), Sherco, +2:11.92 min

4. Sanna Karkkaninen (FIN), KTM, +2:37.96

5. Blandine Dufrene (FRA), KTM, +3:48.42

2015 ISDE Day 1 Results – Team USA Photos