2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Accessories – Even Darker

2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Accessories - Even Darker
2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse

2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Accessories

2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Accessories - Even Darker
2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse

During the cold, February winter, Indian Motorcycle unveiled the sixth bike available in its lineup since the Polaris Industries takeover in 2011 – the 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse.

The Chief Dark Horse took the Chief Classic and its ThunderStroke 111 engine that produces 119 ft/lbs of torque, stripped it of chrome, and blacked out most parts.

But for some, the darkness wasn’t enough. The response from the Medina, Minn., company? Loads of 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse accessories that make the bike even darker.

“This new accessories range gives our Dark Horse customers the ability to do what many customizers are doing at the moment: creating bikes that are fully black,” says Andreas Geisinger, head of apparel, accessories and parts. “Dealer feedback on the pre-launch of these accessories as well as the reactions on social media have been phenomenal,” he comments while smiling. “It seems that black just became the new Indian Motorcycle red.”

Indian says the the aim is to replace the silver metallic parts on the bike with blacked-out versions. Items such as the high flow air cleaner, the fender trim, the fuel gauge and fuel cap are a straightforward swap for black ones.

“The result is a more aggressive looking machine – it’s darker and even bolder – appealing to those riders who like to go all out or nothing,” Indian says.

Following are the list of 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Accessories, including part numbers:

  • Ape Hanger handlebars 2880968-266
  • High flow air cleaner 2880064-266
  • Fender trim 2880730
  • Pinnacle fender tip accents 2879646-266
  • War Bonnet toe peg 2880728-468
  • War Bonnet heel shifter peg 2880729-468
  • Pinnacle heel shifter 2880103-463
  • Fuel gauge 2880731-266
  • Fuel cap set 2880663-266
  • Pinnacle one-up luggage rack 2879545-266
  • Pinnacle solo rider grab rail 2880752-266
  • Exhaust shields 2880798
  • Fish tail exhaust tips 2879532-266
  • Indian Chief Stage 1 slip-on exhaust 2879768-266
  • Remus exhaust (for Europe) 2880864-463
  • Strut cover 2880662-266

For additional information, visit Indian Motorcycle.


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