Triumph Cruiser Loyalty Program – Up to $1000 Voucher

Triumph Cruiser Loyalty Program - Up to $1000 Voucher

Triumph Cruiser Owner Loyalty Program

Triumph Cruiser Loyalty Program - Up to $1000 Voucher
Triumph Cruiser Lineup

Triumph Motorcycles has announced a new owner loyalty program to further add appeal to its cruiser lineup.

Current Triumph owners – regardless of model – can earn a voucher worth up to a $1000 if they purchase a new Triumph cruiser. The Triumph cruiser models that are promoted in the event are the Thunderbird, Thunderbird Commander, Thunderbird Commander LT, Thunderbird Storm, Rocket III, Rocket III Touring, America, America LT and Speedmaster.

“Triumph owners are some of the most loyal consumers, ranking second in the motorcycle industry in repurchase of the brand,” said Matt Sheahan, COO of Triumph Motorcycles America. “We have great cruiser products, and now is the best time for our loyal customers to visit our tremendous retailers across the country and experience them for themselves.”

Owners of any make or model Triumph motorcycle are eligible to receive a Triumph voucher worth up to $1,000, redeemable in the dealership or at Triumph Shops.

Owner’s current registration or current insurance card of the Triumph is required at the time of purchase to be eligible for this promotion. Promotion is effective immediately and will end on Aug. 31, 2015.

Following are the voucher values for each Triumph cruiser:

  • Thunderbird: $1,000
  • Thunderbird Storm: $1,000
  • Thunderbird Commander: $1,000
  • Thunderbird Commander LT: $1,000
  • Rocket III: $1,000
  • Rocket III Touring: $1,000
  • America: $500
  • America LT: $500
  • Speedmaster: $500

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