Marcelo Simoes at Joao Rock Music Festival in Brazil

Marcelo Simoes Jams FMX Action at João Rock Music Festival
Marelo Simoes

Freestyle motocross and rock’n’roll. Together – before 50,000 people. A lifetime experience – lived by Marcelo Simoes last Saturday, June 13.

This is where the five-time FMX national champion showed his tricks at João Rock. Every year this iconic music festival gathers major Brazilian bands in the city of Ribeirão Preto (SP).

The FMX action was fitted to the music. The sets had about 15 minutes. Taking place before the bands step into the stage, and at the end of each concert. In certain occasions, the tricks started while the bands were still playing. This, the apex for riders and crowd.

“The crowd went nuts. They did not know where to look. They looked at us, but at the same time were singing”, described Marcelo Simoes.

The reason for such frenzy were astonishing tricks. Specially those ones performed on the “train”. Along with Marcelo were Giancarlo Bergamini, Gianpaulo Bergamini and Cyro Oliveira. The FMX fantastic four at João Rock.

Plus, there were other moments that put the crowd on fire: the turndowns. Marcelo Simoes, who got the Best Whip title at FMX of Nations, said a few days before João Rock that whips would be amazing there. And said means done for this champion.

“Awesome”, in one word, it’s how Marcelo Simoes explains the feeling about be part of João Rock festival. Besides, if you ask him about plans for 2016 edition, the speech is quite ready: “I want to jump, again, and drive people crazy, again”.