Leatt Adventure Lite Chest Protector Review

Leatt Adventure Lite Chest black Protector Review

Leatt Adventure Lite Chest Protector Motocross Test

Leatt Adventure Lite Chest black Protector ReviewGetting sprayed with roost, rocks, or getting a bar to the gut are all a part of motocross riding with friends. If you ride hard, you have most likely experienced one of these things.

Many companies list its products as “roost guards” or “roost deflectors,” yet Leatt prides itself on continuing to develop safety equipment designed to protect an off-road rider from impact. While Leatt is best known for its research and development of neck braces, the company has branched out into designing and producing other safety equipment to include multiple other safety items including chest protectors.

Leatt’s Adventure Lite chest protector is a stripped down version of the Adventure chest protector, lacking arm and shoulder protection. The Adventure Lite body vest is made of a High Density Poly Ethylene hard outer shell, and the inside is lined with Leatt’s washable 3DF foam in the front and rear. Weighing in at only 2.2 pounds, the Adventure Lite is one of the lightest, but most protective chest protectors on the market.

Thanks to high quality parts and construction, the Leatt Adventure Light is CE-approved to EN 14021 impact safety standards. In other words, it does much more than protect you from a little roost.

The Leatt Adventure Lite is adjustable in the shoulder area via two hook-and-loop straps in order to allow the rider to adjust for a snug fit. Putting it on is effortless as it is secured by a hook mechanism on your left and right side, below the rib area. The hook mechanism worked flawlessly. It never ceased to come undone when riding and were easy to take on and off.

Leatt was well aware when designing the brace that they needed to allow the Adventure Lite to be able to fit and accommodate riders who either wear or do not wear a neck brace. Removable plates in the front and rear were implemented to allow for either.

For riders who wear neck braces and their chest protector on the outside of the jersey, it is best to leave the removable plates on as the neck brace will slide underneath the plates. This allows for superb fit and the neck brace to work in consistency with the chest protector without any unnecessary up and down movement.

Riders who wear a neck brace and want to wear the Leatt Adventure Lite underneath the jersey, it is best to remove the plates so that the neck brace will fit in the recessed area that housed the plates. This can easily be accomplished with a large flat blade screwdriver.

Leatt Adventure Lite Chest Protector Review whiteI opted to remove the plates, as I always wear my chest protector underneath my jersey. I was incredibly impressed with how well it fit with my neck brace, and I believe it is a great setup for riders who wear both a chest protector and a neck brace.

The bottom line is this – nobody likes sore, cracked, or broken ribs. The persistent pain associated with sneezing, coughing, and even breathing are something that nobody endures without remorse. While wearing a roost protector may help save you from some dings and scratches at the end of a moto, nothing substitutes the safety that a real chest protector offers.

Leatt offers the Leatt Adventure Lite chest protector in a single size, with a weight recommendation range between 120 and 190 pounds. Color options include black or white, with a suggested retail price of $99.

The Leatt Adventure Lite chest protector offers state-of-the-art protection, while maintaining a light, mobile feel that you won’t find in either a roost guard. I was incredibly impressed with the finish quality, protection, fit, and functionality that the Adventure Lite chest protector offered. The fact that it is designed specifically to work with a neck brace makes it that much better.

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