BMW Rallye GS Pro Glove Review | Summer ADV Glove
BMW Rallye GS Pro Glove

Living in California, it is no surprise that I like a light, unlined summer glove. The BMW Rallye GS Pro Glove is one of my favorites, and is the perfect compliment to the BMW Rallye Suit I recently reviewed.

The Rallye GS Pro is a complex creation. The glove from the Bavarian BMW folks is composed of many panels – some stretch – and a great deal of intricate assembly work that aligns kangaroo, SuperFabric (that stuff that looks like stingray skin and wears like it too), neoprene and more. These combined fabrics form an intricate pattern, yet the proportions are excellent and they feel Italian, although they are not.

The SuperFabric is stitched onto the heel of the palm as well as the back of the ring and pinky fingers. The tips of the first two fingers are covered with silicon-like patches -like the material at the hem of the BMW Rallye jacket liner – that give more grip with less pressure required. Just about every piece of the many that make up this glove is different than the adjacent section, and the thought that went into its design is evident.

It’s marketed for adventure riding, but I like them even if my GS doesn’t get off the road much. They have ram-air knuckle vents/armor and, while not as breezy as mesh, they are as much more protective.

As with BMW’s Gravel Boots, the Rallye GS Pro are true to size. The BMW Rallye GS Pro glove retails for $95; for additional information, visit BMW Motorrad.

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