BMW Gravel Boot Review | Protective Comfort for ADV Riders
BMW Gravel Boot

The BMW Gravel boot is not new to the Bavarian company’s 2015 apparel lineup, but it’s the perfect accompaniment for the rider who wears the BMW Rallye suit.

The gravel is a capable enduro boot, and caters to the adventurist who doesn’t need or want to wear the Rallye GS Pro boot, which is very large and designed for the serious off-road rider.

It’s easy on and off with the Gravel’s twin buckle design and hook-and-loop top closure. The Gravel boots have a nice molded sole, and are comfortable for all-day riding. The boots feature comfort while walking – more so than most moto boots I’ve worn.

The top of the boot is soft and well finished, causing no chafing on the calf or shin. The inner-calf area arrives with suede, which BMW says is for improved grip of the motorcycle.
For added protection, the Gravel as has reinforcements at the heel and toe.

The boots break in quickly, but are a bit stiff out of the box, as befits the serious construction. The buckles have a wide range of adjustment possibilities and once you get them right you will probably never need to adjust them again.

As is getting rare in the market, the Gravel boot is made of full-grain leather that is windproof, waterproof and breathable through a Gore-Tex membrane. I find this to be the best combination offered in any ADV-style boot today. And though made of leather and lacking vents, the Gravel boots provided comfort in warmer weather.

Size is subjective, but the Gravel fit true to size. The boot costs $409; for additional information, visit BMW Motorrad.

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