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Racer Queens Glove Review | Women’s Motorcycle Apparel

While Southern California doesn’t know winter like the rest of the country knows winter, Racer Women’s Queens gloves have been my go-to commuter gloves since December, keeping my hands warm in the early morning chill as well as the after-dark 50-degree weather.

Sliding into the oh-so-soft fleece-lined Queens gloves is like slipping on a favorite pair of fuzzy slippers. The interior is inviting and snug without the bulkiness of many cold weather gloves that inhibit the full dexterity of your fingers.

Built of supple goatskin leather and reinforced at the palm with a second layer of leather, the Queens gloves give me a non-slip grip on the bars and levers. The waterproof membrane helps ward off the cold while also keeping my hands dry when caught in an unexpected shower.

The Queens gloves are not for racing, but impact protection across the knuckles is provided by a hard plastic insert. The insert is well seated in the leather chassis so there is zero irritation across my knuckles, even when my fingers are covering the shift and brake levers for extended periods when splitting lanes on busy freeways.

A slight elastic gathering across the underside of the wrist is supplemented by a Velcro-closing strap on top, allowing me to cinch the Queens gloves securely. The mid-length gauntlet could be a bit wider, which would make it easier to tuck jacket sleeves inside, but the spare cut keeps the glove from being full-on winter glove bulky, contributing to a leaner profile.

Stylishly cut, stamped and stitched at the gauntlet, as well as the middle digits, shows an attention to detail that is appreciated. With an extremely comfortable fit and feel against your skin, the Racer Women’s Queens gloves are an inviting piece of one’s cool weather riding wardrobe.

The Racer Queens Glove retails for $89.99; for additional information, visit Racer.