Yamaha's Zach Freeberg | Exclusive Supercross InterviewFollowing a year with Langston-Witt KTM, Florida native Zach Freeberg signed with the Strikt/Slaton Yamaha team. Though from the east, Freeberg is competing in the 250SX Western Regional Championship. His best finish so far this season was a pair of 12s at Anaheim III and Oakland. We spoke with Freeberg before the final three rounds of the 2015 250SX Western Regional Championship.

Ultimate MotorCycling’s Andrew Oldar: What goals did you set for yourself before the series?

Strikt/Slaton/Yamaha’s Zack Freeberg: My goals for the Supercross series were to be consistently up front and improve each week.
UMC: Coming into the 2015 season, what changes have you made to your training program?

ZF: Not many changes in the program, just to lay down the laps.
UMC: Do you train at home in Florida in the off-season or stay in California?

ZF: I train in Florida, where it’s really hot and humid. It’s great weather for outdoor training.
UMC: Who do you ride and train with when you are at home in Florida?

ZF: I ride a lot with my good friend, Malcolm Stewart.
UMC: Being that you are from the east coast, do you prefer to race the Eastern Regional series, or are you enjoying the west more?

ZF: I am not too picky, I’ll ride either coast.
UMC: Your two best results were a pair of 12ths at Anaheim 2 and Oakland. What do you feel it is going to take to consistently finish inside the top ten?

ZF: I need to get good starts. I know I can run up front. I start in 20th, and that’s not going to work.
UMC: What is your opinion of the tracks so far this year?

ZF: Other than A1, I think the tracks have been tough.
UMC: What has been your favorite track and why?

ZF: I don’t really have a favorite. I like when the track is a faster pace, not all stop-and-go.
UMC: What is it like having Scott and Cole as teammates?

ZF: It’s great. I think we all help each other out and work well together.
UMC: How do you plan to spend your time during the eight-week break of the west coast series?

ZF: Ride some east coast rounds on a 450 and work on my weaknesses.
UMC: In what areas do you feel you need to improve on for the remainder of the series?

ZF: Pretty much my starts. They’re really holding me back.
UMC: Leading into Houston, have you set any new goals for yourself for the remainder of the season?

ZF: No new goals for me. The goal is always to run up front and improve every week.

Photo by BrownDogWilson