2015 Detroit 250SX Commentary | Upside/Downside

2015 Detroit 250SX Commentary | Upside/Downside Marvin Musquin
KTM's Marvin Musquin
2015 Detroit 250SX Commentary | Upside/Downside Justin Bogle
Honda’s Justin Bogle

With a technical track at Detroit, the Monster Energy 250SX Eastern Regional riders had to be on their toes. The usual suspects were on the Upside – Honda’s Justin Bogle and KTM’s Marvin Musquin – but there were still some surprises and a couple of riders hit the deck, putting them on the Downside.

2015 Detroit 250SX Commentary, Upside

Justin Bogle – GEICO Honda: It’s great to see Bogle, the reigning 250SX East Series champ, finally get a win this season. He hasn’t been off the box once, but surely it’s been frustrating to be so close each weekend while letting valuable points slip away. The Oklahoma native shared that he has refocused.

“I had fun tonight,” Bogle said. “That’s kind of what changed. I just started having fun and swagging out. That’s really all it was. My starts have been good and I’ve been riding good, but I just needed to go out there and have fun and remember I can do this. I have a No. 1 on my bike for a reason. It’s all good.”

Marvin Musquin – Red Bull KTM: Despite having the fastest lap and fastest combined qualifying time in the afternoon practice, Musquin didn’t look quite himself when the night show came around. He was 2nd in his Heat, 2.7-seconds behind Bogle, and then second in the Main, 6.1 seconds behind Bogle.

2015 Detroit 250SX Commentary | Upside/Downside Marvin Musquin
KTM’s Marvin Musquin

On the podium he shared his early race thoughts to Monster Energy Supercross’ Jenny Taft: “I saw Justin out front and I was like, oh tonight is going to be really tough to win. When you win three races in a row, and four out of five, you’re not happy with a second,” (he said with a smile), “but I have to be happy. The track was tough and I was not too confident.” Musquin still controls his own destiny with a 13-point lead and three races remaining.

Joey Savatgy – Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki: Savatgy rode a solid race, picking up where he left off last week in Indy (when his KX250F let him down) by finishing third at Ford Field. He now has two podium finishes this season and sits comfortably fourth in the standings.

Savatgy attempted to run with Bogle and Musquin up front, but said, “I tried to latch on to the leaders early, but I was pushing a little too hard and made a couple mistakes. I got it back together for the last five laps and got into a rhythm. Last week took the wind out of our sails for the championship, but we’ll continue to battle for race wins and start preparing for outdoors.”

Colt Nichols – Motosport.com/GPI Honda: After failing to qualify for the Main at Atlanta 1, Nichols has been consistently improving his results in the last four races, and turned in a season-best 6th place finish in Detroit.

Tweeted the birthday boy after his race: “Good step in the right direction for me tonight. It was my birthday so I had to do good, 2nd in the heat and 6th in the main. I think it was my @treycanard edition boots. Bummin for my fellow Oklahoman after his crash tonight, but pumped for my boy @captain891 [Bogle] on his big win. #keepdiggin #wantmore.”

One Guy- Privateer Adam Gulley made the Main for the first time this season, taking home two points for his 19th place finish. We hope to see brother Aaron Gulley make it into the night show before the season winds up.

2015 Detroit 250SX Commentary, Downside

Martin Davalos – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna: Davalos’ finishes have been going from bad to worse, dating back to Atlanta 2, as he’s been working through health issues. He was hoping to have turned things around at Detroit.

Instead, a mistake on Lap 2 had him flying over a berm onto the concrete floor and retiring early for the night. Davalos is having to dig deep to stay positive, posting to Instagram: “Things will get better, sometimes u just have to keep getting back up on this tough times.”

RJ Hampshire – GEICO Honda: Last week Hampshire scored his first podium finish, and looked to be ready to repeat in Detroit. He got the holeshot in his Heat and led to the checkers, winning by 3.8 seconds, then got off to a well-positioned fourth on the Lap 1 of the Main. Unfortunately, Hampshire was in the wrong place when Davalos got out of shape, and was collected by the Husqvarna rider.

2015 Detroit 250SX Commentary | Upside/Downside Martin Davalos
Husky’s Martin Davalos

Remounting in 20th, Hampshire fought back through the field and took his CRF250R to an 11th place finish, his worst of the year. “Bad luck is going to come whenever it does,” Hampshire said. “You just have to make the best of a crappy night. It’s the best I’ve felt all season. Actually, on the nights I feel the worst I have good luck, but then I feel great and have a little bad luck.”

Jeremy Martin – Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha: Qualifying at his level is a given – though he didn’t do it last week – but finishing off the box is not a success for a rider of Martin’s talent. Although Martin was second fastest in practice, he was almost 10 seconds off the leader in his Heat, and when Bogle crossed the finish line in the Main, Martin was nearly 12 seconds back in 4th place.

Jordon Smith – GEICO Honda: Smith had an eventful night at Ford Field, starting with a great jump off the gate in his Heat, right behind teammate Hampshire. After five laps battling with Hampshire, a mistake almost cost Smith the transfer: “On the last lap I went down, and I’m not really sure what happened. Next thing I knew I was just endoing.”

Smith rejoined the race, grabbing the last transfer position. In the Main, Smith tangled with a Tuff Block and finished the night in 21st. That’s not the way the rookie wanted to follow up last week’s impressive fourh place result.

Monster Energy AMA Supercross Eastern Regional 250SX Class Results – Round 6 – Detroit:

1. Justin Bogle – Honda CRF250R

2. Marvin Musquin – KTM 250SX-F Factory Edition

3. Joey Savatgy – Kawasaki KX250F

4. Jeremy Martin – Yamaha YZ250F

5. Anthony Rodriguez – Yamaha YZ250F

6. Colt Nichols – Honda CRF250R

7. Kyle Cunningham – Honda CRF250R

8. Mitchell Oldenburg – Yamaha YZ250F

9. Jimmy Decotis – Honda CRF250R

10. Jace Owen – Honda CRF250R

11. RJ Hampshire – Honda CRF250R

12. Justin Starling – Yamaha YZ250F

13. Kyle Peters – Honda CRF250R

14. Daniel Herrlein – Honda CRF250R

15. Zack Williams – Honda CRF250R

16. AJ Catanzaro – Suzuki RM-Z250

17. Taylor Potter – Honda CRF250R

18. Bryce Stewart – Yamaha YZ250F

19. Adam Gulley – Kawasaki KX250F

20. Gannon Audette – Kawasaki KX250F

21. Jordon Smith – Honda CRF250R

22. Martin Davalos – Husqvarna FC 250

Monster Energy AMA Supercross Eastern Regional 250SX Class Season Standings:

1. Marvin Musquin, 144 points

2. Justin Bogle, 131

3. Jeremy Martin, 103

4. Joey Savatgy, 93

5. RJ Hampshire, 84

6. James Decotis, 69

7. Anthony Rodriguez, 68

8. Kyle Peters, 65

9. Martin Davalos, 63

10. Vince Friese, 58