Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Textile Pants Review | Versatile Overpant

Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Textile Pants Review | Versatile Overpant

Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Textile Pants TestVersatility is key when choosing any type of motorcycle gear, whether you’re a long-distance tourer or commuter. Many seek gear that can quickly adapt to changing temperatures, provide waterproofing, and offer comfort both on and off the bike.

This type of versatility is widespread among motorcycle jackets, but tough to find in a motorcycle pant. But Joe Rocket has the answer with its Ballistic 7.0 textile pant.

The Ballistic 7.0 overpant design is constructed from a heavy-duty 630 Hitena twill-nylon outer shell that features melt-resistant material on the lower legs (no exhaust/engine-melting issues).

The material feels rugged, and has remained durable after scraping many trees while adventure riding. We have not crash-tested the Ballistic 7.0, but we are confident the outer shell will do its part.

The design is simple, the Ballistic 7.0 featuring a six-point Sure-Fit custom adjustments system (two adjustments on each lower leg, two on waist), and two-way leg zippers that run alongside the outer pant from the foot opening to the hip.

Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Textile PantsThe long zippers allow the pants to go on and off easy – regardless of bulky boots or loose-fitting jeans. When riding, the two-way zipper design allows custom ventilation; start at the hip and keep unzipping until comfortable. Be careful, though – it’s easy to get the inner fabric stuck in the zipper. We break zippers yearly, but so far had no issues with the Ballistic 7.0’s non-YKK zippers.

For waterproofing, the Ballistic arrives with a removable polyester liner. Thankfully, the liner also features the same size zipper as the pant, allowing for easy on and off. In hotter temps – say over 75 F – the liner can get quite stuffy. We only used the liner in the rain, and it provided full waterproofing. The pant’s outer shell also does a great job repelling the water, and doesn’t take on much weight.

The waterproof inner liner installs with a 360-degree waist zipper and a snap closure on each inner leg by the knee. On the road, installation can be a pain, but if you want to remain dry, it’s worth the effort.

As for fit, I have a 34” waist and 32” inseam, but like my overpants a bit on the bigger size. The size Large has 34-35″ waist, and the XL a 35-38″. I went with the XL in regular (32” inseam), and the fit is perfect when worn over jeans. The Sure-Fit waist also provides a comfortable, snug fit when wearing just base layers.

Further protection arrives from removable high-density hip padding, which I did remove for added flexibility during off-road Adventure Riding, and height-adjustable C.E. rated knee protectors. From a safety perspective, the one thing the pants do lack is reflective piping, which is usually a standard on motorcycle gear nowadays.

Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Textile Pants Review | Versatile OverpantThe Ballistic 7.0 pant also features an eight-inch zipper for jacket attachment, and two hip pockets. Be warned – these pockets are not waterproof.

Whether commuting, touring, cruising, sport riding, or hitting the trails, the Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 textile pant can provide protection and comfort in many situations. They can get a bit stuffy in warmer temps – especially when the sun is beating down on them. Some extra ventilation and lighter color offerings would help, but the Ballistic 7.0 is only available in black.

Once the temps dip below 60 F or so, use the waterproof liner as a wind barrier and wear some cold-weather base layers. Using this formula, I wore the pant on a 120-mile day ride in temps around 40 and remained completely comfortable.

The Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 textile pants are available in sizes S-5XL (Regular) and M-3XL (Short or Tall), with prices ranging from $149.99-$169.99. Consider this cheap insurance against not only road rash, but the elements. Just remember to take it easy with the zippers; a stuck zipper can cause major frustration during a ride.

For additional information, visit Joe Rocket.