Progrip Lever Protectors Review | Grip & Warmth

Progrip Lever Protectors Review | Grip and Warmth

Progrip Lever Protectors Review | Grip and WarmthIn my continuing search to find equipment that helps keeps my fingers warm, I came across Progrip Lever Protectors at my favorite motorcycle shop.

Though these protectors are designed to keep off-road rider’s fingers from slipping at the levers during less than-ideal-weather conditions, they also act as an insulator, assisting the numbing-felling effect. Think of a heated hand grips principle; levers, usually aluminum, are cold, and the protectors help insulate them.

This helps with through-glove feeling in colder weather while riding stop-and-go traffic that requires operating the shift and front brake levers on a near continuous basis.

The Progrip Lever Protectors package does not provide any instructions, written or pictorially, since the assumption is that the rider knows how to install these devices. The one picture I did find in Progrip’s digital catalog shows the levers without any ball at the end, which is typical for most off-road and dual-sport machines.

Progrip Lever Protectors TestConsequently, you will need to spend about 10 minutes using a hacksaw to cut off the ends of your levers. Personally, I do not mind doing this since these ball ends tend to act as hooks on branches and interfere with clutch or braking operations.

As with installing handgrips, you will need to use glue to fasten the lever grips to the levers. You have the option of buying and using handgrip glue but I have found using rubber cement to be equally effective.

For the slightly vain, the protectors come in blue, green, red, white, and black to match your ride’s color.

At around $4 for the set, the Progrip Lever Protectors not only improves my safety but also act as a very cost effective lever insulator.

For additional information, visit Progrip.