2015 San Diego 250SX Commentary | Upside/Downside

2015 San Diego 250SX Commentary | Upside/Downside
Yamaha's Cooper Webb
2015 San Diego 250SX Commentary | Upside/Downside
Yamaha’s Cooper Webb

San Diego’s Petco Park is a new venue, but it offered up the same winner as last week in the Monster Energy Supercross Western Regional 250SX class. The San Diego 250SX track was rough on quite a few riders, so let’s see who had an Up night, and whose night was Down.

San Diego 250SX Upside

Cooper Webb – Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha: Webb has pretty much stamped it: This is my West Coast title; the rest of you can go home. He’s taken his 4th win of the season, has only been off the podium once, and is now over a race up on the field. Oh, and in case you didn’t hear, he crashed in the afternoon’s first practice, landing so hard on his shoulder that it was questionable if he would race. Yet, Webb still passed nemisis Tyler Bowers (rather uneventfully) in the Main and convincingly won. Bring on the Eastern Regional 250 class, please!

Shane McElrath – Lucas Oil/Troy Lee Designs KTM: McElrath had not even had a top five finish before the San Diego round, though he had a couple of Heat race wins under his belt. McElrath added another Heat win at Petco Park, and then came out and put it together in the Main, getting his 250 SX-F into 3rd right off the bat, and then working his way around Tyler Bowers on Lap 9 to take a career-best 2nd place result. Nice job.

Josh Hansen – MotoSport.com/Team 100 Kawasaki: Hansen’s been having a solid but fairly quiet season, so far, as he’s getting his race chops back after having been away from competition for three years. Saturday night he didn’t have quite the speed to make the podium, but brought his KX250F to his best finish of the year, a 4th just behind Bowers.

Chris Alldredge – Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki: Considering his speed, it’s surprising that rookie Alldredge’s 10th place finish at Pecto Park is his season’s best. But the Powell Butte, Ore. rider has been beset by bad luck and rookie mistakes. Just missing a transfer out of his Heat, Alldredge took a 2nd in the LCQ, got a mid-pack start in the Main, and then went down on Lap 3. He had to work his KX250F from last place up to his eventual 10th place result.

Kawasaki's Tyler Bowers at San Diego Supercross
Kawasaki’s Tyler Bowers

One Guy – Michael Horban, sponsored by Power Motorsports in Sublimity, Ore., took his first two points of the season at Petco Park on his KX250F. He did it the hard way — he was 4th in the LCQ.

San Diego 250SX Downside

Tyler Bowers – Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki: For most riders, a podium finish would be a good night. Getting chased down and passed by your arch rival who injured his shoulder hours earlier, and then passed by another rider who hasn’t even finished in the Top 5 this season, is definitely not a great weekend. When asked from the podium if there was anything about the race he would change, Bowers said: “Maybe a little bit more in the tank, I think that’d be good. About midway through I got tired and started making mistakes, and Cooper just didn’t.” The series has completely gotten away from Bowers, and it’s a bummer for race fans.

Justin Hill – Red Bull KTM: San Diego was not kind to the Hill brothers, as big bro Josh did not qualify for the Main, and Justin did not get beyond the opening straight in the Main. The evening started out promisingly enough for the 250SX rider, as Hill got the holeshot in his Heat and went on to win, earning the second gate pick for the Main. As Hill tells it, “Unfortunately I had gotten my leg ran over in the first corner in the main which caused an injury to my ankle. I was not able to finish the race. These times are tough…especially when I feel like I should have been able to win tonight.”

GEICO Honda's Malcolm Stewart at San Diego Supercross
Honda’s Malcolm Stewart

Malcolm Stewart – GEICO Honda: After a 2nd place finish in his Heat, Stewart had a hard crash on the opening lap, then went down again a lap later and retired for the night. It’s discouraging to have two bad weekends in a row, especially after his first win in Oakland.

Matt Bisceglia – GEICO Honda: Bisceglia had his work cut out for him, crashing in his Heat and having to go to the LCQ, which he won. However, the bad gate pick for the Main left him caught up in first turn scramble and he went down. Bisceglia then worked his CRF250R through the pack to 15th, earning a paltry 6 points on the night. “We’ve got eight weeks until the 250SX West guys race again, and I plan on working extremely hard on my starts and overall riding. Everyone is so good at this level, and if you don’t have a complete day and put yourself out front, it’s hard to do well.”

Jessy Nelson – Lucas Oil/Troy Lee Designs KTM: From Upside last week to Downside this week, Nelson had a mid-pack start and only managed to get his 250 SX-F Factory Edition up to an 8th place finish, which leaves him 30 points down on Webb going into the break. His tweet says it all: “Well that was horrible sorry guys just didn’t have it tonight.”

Western Regional 250SX Class Results: San Diego
1. Cooper Webb – Yamaha YZ250F
2. Shane McElrath – KTM 250 SX-F Factory Edition
3. Tyler Bowers – Kawasaki KX250F
4. Josh Hansen – Kawasaki KX250F
5. Alex Martin – Yamaha YZ250F
6. Zach Osborne – Husqvarna FC250
7. Zach Bell – Husqvarna FC250
8. Jessy Nelson – KTM 250 SX-F Factory Edition
9. Tommy Hahn – Honda CRF250R
10. Chris Alldredge – Kawasaki KX250F
11. Cole Martinez – Yamaha YZ250F
12. Jackson Richardson – Honda CRF250R
13. Zack Freeburg – Yamaha YZ250F
14. Aaron Plessinger – Yamaha YZ250F
15. Matt Bisceglia – Honda CRF250R
16. Austin Politelli – Yamaha YZ250F
17. Trevor Reis – Yamaha YZ250F
18. Brandon Scharer – Suzuki RM-Z250
19. Michael Horban – Kawasaki KX250F
20. Ryan Breece – Yamaha YZ250F
21. Malcolm Stewart – Honda CRF250R
22. Justin Hill – KTM 250 SX-F Factory Edition

Western Regional 250SX Class Season Standings
1. Cooper Webb, 136 points
2. Jessy Nelson, 106
3. Tyler Bowers, 104
4. Zach Osborne, 102
5. Shane McElrath, 86
6. Aaron Plessinger, 81
7. Justin Hill, 79
8. Josh Hansen, 79
9. Alex Martin, M 75
10. Malcolm Stewart, 69