2015 Anaheim 3 250SX Upside/Downside | Commentary

KTM's Jerry Nelson at A3 SX
KTM's Jerry Nelson

Racers, maybe more than anyone, know that life isn’t fair. Bikes break, someone crashes into you, stuff happens. On Saturday at Anaheim 3 250SX, things looked grossly unfair to Zach Osborne when the Main started and his gate didn’t drop. After five laps the officials took action and threw the red flag, restarting a full 15-lap race.

Of course, some riders were happy for a do-over, but not everyone fared better. Did I mention that life’s not fair? Let’s see who came away on the upside and who dropped down after 2015 Anaheim 3 250SX.

Yamaha's Cooper Webb at A3 SX
Yamaha’s Cooper Webb


Cooper Webb – Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha: – Although Webb was clearly frustrated when the red flag came out as he was leading the race at that point, overall, the restart favored him. He rode another impressive race and claimed a third victory, while his closest rival got a terrible start when the race resumed, and Webb’s lead is a comfortable 18. “I couldn’t have asked for a better race,” said Webb. “I look forward to keeping the momentum up next weekend in San Diego.”

Zach Osborne – Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna: Osborne’s heart rate must have been all over the place Saturday night. First, when his gate didn’t drop, and then as the laps ticked off and no flag was thrown. He must have been wondering who he had made mad. But, when the restart arrived, he wasted no time getting off the gate quickly and was in 3rd by the end of the 1st lap. Although Osborne was eventually chased down by Aaron Plessinger for the final podium spot, his 4th place ride was an impressive result as he’s still dealing with the injured thumb.

KTM's Jerry Nelson at A3 SX
KTM’s Jerry Nelson

Jessy Nelson – Lucas Oil/Troy Lee Designs KTM: Sitting about 10th before the red flag was thrown, Nelson was more than happy to have another go at the Main. He wasted no time getting to the first corner and kept his 250 SX-F in front of Webb until Lap 7. Nelson retakes 2nd place in the overall points and is right back in the thick of things.

Aaron Plessinger – Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha: Also benefitting from the restart, Plessinger started well and rode consistently, eventually overtaking Osborne for a career best final podium position. “I can’t believe I am up here [on the podium] tonight,” said Plessinger. “I am speechless. This is an accomplishment that I didn’t expect in my rookie season.”

Matt Bisceglia – GEICO Honda: After sitting out two rounds due to a concussion sustained in Phoenix, Bisceglia jumped off the gate fast enough to grab the SupercrossLive.com Holeshot Award and lead the race until he was overtaken by Webb on Lap 5. He didn’t repeat the holeshot on the restart (we hope he gets to keep the holeshot money!) but he did ride a good race, and brought his CRF250R to the checkers in 5th – his best finish this season. “I picked up a lot in my last race and I plan to take this new confidence and get back to when riding a dirt bike was easy and fun,” Bisceglia said. “My trainer and I are already back at it this week to get ready so my fitness will be there. I’m ready for a podium finish.”


Kawasaki's Tyler Bowers at A3 SX
Kawasaki’s Tyler Bowers

Tyler Bowers – Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki: The restart threw Bowers to the downside as he crashed on the second lap and had to work from dead last to his eventual 15th place finish on his KX250F. “This has been a tough week,” said Bowers. “I’ve been sick all week and today was no better. I had a podium finish lined up in the first start and was working my way there in the second, but threw it away. It’s unfortunate, but just as it happened to me this week, the same can happen to anyone else next week. We’re still in this.” All true, but this is not looking good. A week ago he was 2nd in points, trailing Webb by 8. He’s now over a race down on the leader and has slipped to 4th overall.

Malcolm Stewart – GEICO Honda: Stewart’s night started out well with his first Heat win of the season, followed by a decent start in the Main. The restart didn’t do him any favors, though, as his CRF250R got pushed inside on the first turn and went down. “I got back up and tried to fight my way back to the front and was pushing so hard that I washed out the front end and fell again,” Stewart said. “I’d say I lost focus after the first crash.” Stewart’s eventual 17th place finish is frustrating after seeing him put it all together for his first Main win last week.

Zach Bell – Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna: Bell is having an inconsistent season, to say the least. Last week he took home $1000 thanks to grabbing the SupercrossLive.com Holeshot Award, and he was looking very good at A3 until the restart squashed his mojo. The mid-pack start left Bell piloting his FC 250 through too much traffic, and he never improved his 12th place start. Bell went down twice, slipping to 18th before retiring for the night.

The New Guy – We welcome a new face to the points party at A3: Blake Lilly from Wildomar, Calif. who finished in 20th.

Monster Energy AMA Supercross Western Regional 250X Results – Round 5 – Anaheim 3:
1. Cooper Webb – Yamaha YZ250F
2. Jessy Nelson – KTM 250 SX-F Factory Edition
3. Aaron Plessinger – Yamaha YZ250F
4. Zach Osborne – Husqvarna FC 250
5. Matt Bisceglia – Honda CRF250R
6. Shane McElwrath – KTM 250 SX-F Factory Edition
7. Josh Hansen – Kawasaki KX250F
8. Justin Hill – KTM 250 SX-F Factory Edition
9. Alex Martin – Yamaha YZ250F
10. Cole Martinez – Yamaha YZ250F
11. Jackson Richardson – Honda CRF250R
12. Tommy Hahn – Honda CRF250R
13. Zack Freeburg – Yamaha YZ250F
14. Chris Alldredge – Kawasaki KX250F
15. Tyler Bowers – Kawasaki KX250F
16. Trevor Reis – Yamaha YZ250F
17. Malcolm Stewart – Honda CRF250R
18. Ryan Breece – Yamaha YZ250F
19. Austin Politelli – Yamaha YZ250F
20. Blake Lilly – KTM 250 SX-F
21. Zach Bell – Husqvarna FC 250
22. Johnny Jelderda – Honda CRF250R

2015 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Western Regional 250SX Season Standings:
1. Cooper Webb, 111 points
2. Jessy Nelson, 93
3. Zach Osborne, 87
4. Tyler Bowers, 84
5. Justin Hill, 78
6. Aaron Plessinger, 74
7. Malcolm Stewart, 68
8. Shane McElrath, 64
9. Josh Hansen, 61
10. Alex Martin, 59