Dainese Announces Safety Partnership With Misano

Dainese Announces Safety Partnership With Misano

Dainese Announces Safety Partnership With MisanoIn a press conference organized by Misano World Circuit during the January 23-25 Motor Bike Expo in Verona, Italy, Dainese announced its new partnership with the circuit.

The cooperation between the two organizations regards safety and spreading awareness of D-Air®—Dainese’s motorcycle airbag—which is currently available only in the European market, in both Racing and Street versions.

With D-Air, Dainese will be a constant presence at the circuit, actively participating in introductory briefings for riders who take part in MWC track days. Particular attention will be paid to the knowledge and technologies available for increasing safety, on both the track and the road, promoting and growing awareness of Dainese D-Air technology.

The cooperation also provides exclusive official clothing for the entire MWC team, as well as a Dainese merchandising line to be designed.

Stefano Grasselli, Dainese D-Air Sales Director, commented with satisfaction on the agreement with the Misano circuit: “We are convinced that this cooperation with one of the most important circuits can contribute to the diffusion and knowledge of the best safety tool Dainese has designed and launched on the market, D-Air. We hope the path shared with MWC lasts through the years in order to increase every motorcyclist’s attention to safety.”

Andrea Albani, MWC Sales & Sport Manager stated: “Misano World Circuit is committed to the culture of safety, both on the road and on the track. This happens through special projects realized in cooperation with institutions, structural interventions and commercial partnerships. The program shared with a prestigious company such as Dainese allows us to make the knowledge of new and innovative technologies systematic, and therefore to raise the awareness of tens of thousands of motorcyclists who regularly use our facility.”