Triumph Castrol Rocket Streamliner at IMS in Dallas

Triumph Castrol Rocket Streamliner

Triumph Castrol Rocket Streamliner at IMS in DallasTriumph Castrol Rocket

The Castrol Rocket is one of the top contenders to become the next motorcycle to hold the absolute World Land Speed Record for motorcycles. And it made an appearance at this past weekend’s the Progressive International Motorcycle Show at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

Officially known as the Hot Rod Conspiracy/Carpenter Racing Castrol Rocket, the machine is the joint undertaking of aerodynamics engineer Matt Markstaller, engine builder Bob Carpenter and Daytona 200 winner Jason DiSalvo.

In 2014, Triumph was set to take the 25 foot-long machine to the Bonneville Salt Flats on two occasions aiming for a new motorcycle land speed world record and a target speed of 400 mph—only to have each attempt scuttled by bad weather.

The Castrol Rocket is powered by two de-stroked, liquid-cooled three cylinder Triumph Rocket III engines that produce an estimated combined 1,000 horsepower at 9,000 RPM and 500 ft/lbs of torque.

The Carpenter Racing built engines were reduced from 2294cc to 1485cc (2970cc total) to meet the 3000cc maximum total displacement class rule requirement. Each engine is fueled by a liquid-cooled Garrett turbocharger which will be feeding the engines methanol. Connecting rods are Crower titanium and the crankshaft is a marine billet item.

Triumph Castrol Rocket StreamlinerThe front suspension is a double swingarm and rear suspension is a single swingarm system, both designed by Carpenter Racing. Shock absorbers are Ohlins TTX36 adjustable with 3 shocks in the front and 2 at the rear. Hot Rod Conspiracy designed a center hub steering system for the machine, as well as its custom wheels, which are shod with Goodyear Land Speed Special tires.

Stopping is handled by twin ribbon-style parachutes and carbon/carbon disc brake on the rear wheel only. The machine has a Carbon Kevlar monocoque chassis.

Attendees at Dallas IMS were encouraged to enter Triumph’s raffle where one lucky winner from the U.S. show tour will receive a $5,000 certificate towards parts, accessories, clothing and merchandise online at

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