Dainese Webisode #3 Features ‘The Cube’

Dainese Webisode #3 Features 'The Cube'

Dainese Webisdoe #3

What has 3,000,000 cubic feet of space, driverless autonomous laser-guided forklifts, stands in ultra-modern contrast to classic Italian vistas and is known only by the ominous title of “the cube?”

It is the subject of webisode #3 in the nine-part Dainese series that started in September.

The Cube we speak of is the world-wide distribution center for Dainese products, so named due to its imposing cubical shape. Inside that mammoth storage space 15,000 loading units are transported by those robotic forklifts to facilitate rapid order fulfillment.

Dainese, the Italian manufacturer of the high-tech, air-bag equipped D-Air racing suit worn by 9-time World Champion, Valentino Rossi has produced a nine-part video series about D-air, the company and its 40 year history and people that make it as well as the other Dainese products.

The first installment, which features the D-air racing suit worn by Valentino Rossi, was released on the Dainese Youtube channel in September.

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The second installment was launched during an event held at the Milan D-Store in conjunction with the EICMA show. That video features Valentino Rossi, along with the people who prepare his race suits. The second installment is available for viewing here.

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Dainese Webisode #3 Features 'The Cube'