Honda CBR250R Two Brothers Racing

Two Brothers Racing has released a new exhaust system for the Honda CBR250R – the Tarmac Series.

The TBR Tarmac Series exhaust sheds 12 lbs. from the CBR250R, and helps the quarter liter produce an extra 1.47 horsepower.

Besides the added power and weight savings, the TBR Tarmac series also adds a distinct sound – one totally unlike the stock setup.

The Tarmac Series is available for 2011-2014 Honda CBR250R sport bikes; the full-exhaust system in carbon fiber retails for $679.98, and the slip-on exhaust system in carbon fiber $599.99.

Check out the attached video above for a comparison of the TBR Tarmac Series exhaust and the stock setup.

For additional information, visit Two Brothers Racing.

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