Motorcycle Types Motocross / Off-Road Dunlop Stars Shine Brightest at 2014 Mini O's

Dunlop Stars Shine Brightest at 2014 Mini O’s

Dunlop Stars Shine Brightest at 2014 Mini O's2014 Mini O’s Results

Every year, two great American traditions roll around in November: Thanksgiving and the annual Thor Winter Olympics, better known as the Mini O’s.

This year marked the 43rd running of this popular amateur motocross and supercross event at Florida’s Gatorback Cycle Park.

Thousands of amateur racers from all around the country took to the track to earn their share of the glory in heated head-to-head competition. By the time the mud settled and the last podium celebration ended, there was plenty to be thankful for—especially if you had made Dunlop your tire of choice.

All told, Dunlop-sponsored riders won an astounding 75 out of 79 possible championships, with 27 titles going to Team Dunlop Elite riders.

During the week-long event, the Dunlop Geomax MX32 emerged as the dominant favorite tire for both motocross and supercross events. Despite some rain showers that wet the track and racers, their reliable, wide-ranging performance was the ticket.

At the final tally, Jalek Swoll garnered six wins to lead the roster of winning Team Dunlop Elite riders. Other Team Dunlop winners included: Austin Forkner with four class titles; Ryder DiFrancesco, Jett Reynolds and Pierce Brown with three wins each; and Hannah Hodges, Matthew Leblanc, Carson Mumford and Garrett Marchbanks each earning a pair of championships.

In addition, by merit of his outstanding efforts Swoll took home the Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe Award as the rider accumulating the highest point total combined in all divisions of motocross and supercross competition, and the Fox Bronze Boot Award for highest combined points in the Youth class.

The Dunlop Silver tire award is given out to the rider in the Pro/A classes earning the highest combined point total and this year Darian Sanayei turned in a solid performance winning both 250 and 450 Pro Sport SX championships.

Dunlop extends proud congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all riders on their achievements at the 2014 Mini O’s.

Team Dunlop Elite Supercross Champions

450 B – Austin Forkner

51 (4-8) Limited – Ryder DiFrancesco

65 (7-9) – Jett Reynolds

65 (7-9) Limited – Matthew Leblanc

85 (12-13) – Jalek Swoll

85 (12-13) Limited – Carson Mumford

85 (9-11) – Pierce Brown

85 (9-11) Limited – Pierce Brown

Girls (12-16) – Hannah Hodges

Mini Sr. (12-15) Limited – Jalek Swoll

Women (14+) – Hannah Hodges

Supermini 2 (12-15) – Garrett Marchbanks

Mini Sr. (12-15) – Carson Mumford

Team Dunlop Elite Motocross Champions

250 B – Austin Forkner

450 B – Austin Forkner

51 (4-8) Limited – Ryder DiFrancesco

51 (7-8) Limited – Ryder DiFrancesco

65 (7-9) – Jett Reynolds

65 (7-9) Limited – Matthew Leblanc

85 (12-13) – Jalek Swoll

85 (12-13) Limited – Jalek Swoll

85 (9-11) – Jett Reynolds

85 (9-11) Limited – Pierce Brown

Mini Sr. (12-15) Limited – Jalek Swoll

Schoolboy 2 (13-16) B/C – Austin Forkner

Supermini 1 (12-15) – Jalek Swoll

Supermini 2 (13-16) – Garrett Marchbanks

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