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Firstgear Monarch Jacket Test

Firstgear TPG Monarch Jacket ReviewFirstgear TPG Monarch Jacket Review

The new Firstgear TPG Monarch jacket is the kind of adventure gear you don’t mind putting on. The sleek fit feels flattering and secure all at once, and the quality of the well- thought out design and construction is immediately obvious.

With the latest D3O armor at the elbows, shoulders, and back, and constructed from an abrasion-resistant reinforced Kevlar fabric, the Monarch is most certainly a technical jacket, and one that makes you look forward to the right weather so you have an excuse to wear it.

In this case, it’s a spring and fall jacket in most areas. It is not a mesh jacket, so you won’t want to wear it in 90+ degree weather, and there is no warming interior lining for the chill of winter.

That’s not to say the TPG Monarch isn’t ready for a variety of conditions. It is waterproof, yet breathable, and includes an under-helmet rain hood should the heavens open up while you are on the road.

When not in use, the hood rolls up into a fleece-lined collar pocket that is wonderfully soft against your neck. Additional defense from the elements can be found in the form-fitting inner cuffs that keep water and wind from blowing up your arms.

Storage in the Monarch abounds, starting with the vertical zippered ‘wallet’ pockets running along the inside seams of the jacket’s front opening, an interior cell phone pocket (with a cute little cell phone icon), three multi-purpose interior Velcro-secured pockets, plus the double-secured (zipper/Velcro) pockets on the outside front of the jacket.

These two are not hand pockets as the openings are horizontal. Oh, and there is a solo left sleeve zippered pocket for quick retrieval of a key, token, or other small item.

There are two sets of vents to flow air through the Monarch—one short horizontal set on the upper chest, and long vertical exhaust vents on the rear. With all vents open and riding at speed, air moves through well; should you need to augment the f low when you’re slowed down by traffic, the Monarch’s main zip- per unzips from both the top and bottom.

This is the kind of small feature that most jackets don’t include, and that is hugely appreciated. All the YKK zippers have silicon-edged pulls for easy grasping with gloved hands.

The D3O armor is extremely comfort- able and CE-certified. It is highly flexible during normal wear, yet turns rigid and shock-absorbing upon impact — it’s almost like magic.

The Monarch’s trim cut can be further personalized at the side-waist and arms via Velcro adjustments, and has a welcome drop-tail design. Safety-conscious reflective piping runs along the back, shoulders, and front of the jacket, and the two upper arm logos are brightly reflective at night.

Comfortably non-binding while riding with a reassuring feel on the body, the new Firstgear TPG Monarch is a functional and stylish jacket that begs to be worn at every opportunity.

For additional information, visit Firstgear.

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