2014 ISDE Day 4 Results | Team USA Wins the Day

KTM's Kaliub Russell at Day 4 of ISDE

2014 ISDE Day 4 Results

In a drive to finish at the top of the World Trophy class in the FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in San Juan, Argentina, the United States cut more than three minutes off the gap between it and event-leading France.

This arrived after Team USA took the ISDE day-four win. The 16:16.66 lead France held at the end of day three was cut to 12:47.85 by the end of day four. Team France is still intact with all six riders, but the United States is down to five riders (Zach Osborne drop out on day one).

Spain maintained its podium position in third place 50:29.82 behind the leader, but perhaps more significantly, losing a lot of ground to the U.S. in second place. At the end of day three, Spain was less than two minutes behind the U.S. but now the gap has increased to nearly 38 minutes, leaving the U.S. free to focus on overtaking France.

Germany had moved up to fourth place on Day three, and maintained that position on Day four, 55:21.20 off the lead pace, but within reasonable striking distance of a podium finish if it can make up the five minute gap between itself and Spain. Germany has all six riders still in contention, while Spain is down to five.

Argentina retained its fifth place standing but at 3:19:30.00 off the pace, and down to four riders, will probably have to be content to hold fifth over sixth place Australia, which is all but out of it, down to three riders and 9:07:39.00 behind the leader.

The United States held on to its lead in the FIM Junior World Trophy class, but only with a 72-second gap between itself and resurgent France, which won the day as it powered past Sweden into second place on Day four.

Sweden, now down to three riders with the retirement of Oliver Nelson (KTM), is 2:19.58 behind the U.S. Australia, also down to three riders is in fourth and Germany, down to three riders, is a distant fifth in the class.

Australia’s Jessica Gardiner (Sherco), Tayla Jones (KTM) and Jemma Wilson (Yamaha), are the defending Women’s World Trophy champions—and look it. Australia remained atop the FIM Women’s World Trophy category, winning Day four, having all three team riders still in contention and pulling away with a commanding 1:43:07.62 lead over second place Canada, which is down to two riders. Third place United States is down to one remaining rider, Amanda Mastin.

In the Enduro 1 class, France’s Christophe Nambotin (KTM) recorded his fourth win of the week. Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha) and Jeremy Tarroux (Sherco) in second and third ensured yet another one-two-three for France in Enduro 1.

In Enduro 2, France’s Pierre Alexandre Renet (Husqvarna) was again the rider to beat. Securing his best result of the week, United States’ Kailub Russell (KTM) beat Australia’s Josh Strang by four seconds to place second.

Australia’s Toby Price (KTM) took the class win in Enduro 3 on day four, but was also scored a victory in the overall individual classification. The United States’ Taylor Robert (KTM) finished second while Spain’s Ivan Cervantes (KTM) came in third.

One more day of competition on the enduro segment remains on Day five before the competition switches to motocross on Day six.