MotoDiscovery Rolling Classroom to Mexico’s Copper Canyon

MotoDiscovery Rolling Classroom to Mexico’s Copper Canyon

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With the “go anywhere” character of motorcycles such as the BMW GS series, KTM Adventures, Kawasaki KLR and Suzuki’s DR, it is not surprising that more and more motorcyclists want to ride on when the pavement ends.

This trend has not escaped the attention of a Texas motorcycle touring company, MotoDiscovery, who is long known for facilitating imaginative and challenging motorcycle adventures in the far corners of the globe.

For the 2014-15 riding season, MotoDiscovery will offer a unique rolling classroom combining international travel and curriculum of expertly presented riding instruction.

The training destination is Mexico’s wondrous Copper Canyon region. The head of this new educational program is world traveler and adventure riding instructor, Ramey “Coach” Stroud.

MotoDiscovery’s founder, Skip Mascorro, explains why combining touring and rider training is a solid and proven concept that yields great results: “Many riders want to explore the less traveled roads of the world but lack the skills and knowledge to take on the challenge. This is where Coach Ramey comes in. Add to this the exotica of Mexico’s Copper Canyon, and riders can learn to deal with less-than-perfect conditions and cultural variations at the same time.

“We not only teach riders the skills they need to travel the world, we do so in an authentic adventure situation so they can put their new abilities to the test.”

Coach Ramey Stroud, owner of the Cascade Endurance Center in Oregon (, is a world-class rider trainer, champion off-road competitor and well-known author.

In 2012 he was named “Individual of the Year” for his training and safety programs by the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Foundation.

In 2004 Coach suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury while racing and was told he would never walk again. It took years for him to valiantly overcome physical adversity and has since logged more than 60,000 miles riding a sidecar outfit through more than 40 countries.

“The MotoDiscovery Copper Canyon Training Expedition,” Stroud commented, “will have three parts: classroom, hands-on and application. Riders will learn the why’s and how’s of body mechanics, control function and traction management, and then use the new skills in real-world conditions. Our rolling classroom will be limited to only eight students to assure lots of personal instruction.”

The Copper Canyon, or Barrancas del Cobre, is actually a 372 mile long and 155 mile wide region of the Western Sierra Mountain range that consists of six distinct canyons, high mesas, arid chaparral, lush tropics, pine forests and gorge slicing rivers.

While the terrain offers variety and endless panoramas and natural beauty, MotoDiscovery’s Skip Mascorro professes that the true Treasure of the Sierra Madre are the people, most notably , the Tarahumara Indian. “I had heard of this cave dwelling indigenous group for years and with my first visit there in 1981 it seeded a fascination that continues to this day. The Tarahumara, many still wearing loin cloths, speaking their native language and known for their endurance running skills are cousins of the Aztec. Hundreds of years ago they fled their native desert habitat to the rugged Sierra Madres to escape marauding Apaches and the onslaught of Spanish Conquistadors.

The Tarahumara homeland is pretty rough and unforgiving.” Mascorro goes on to say that, “the Copper Canyon is the perfect training ground for our riding instruction and being in the heartland of the Tarahumara makes for a really exceptional adventure touring experience.”

The MotoDiscovery Copper Canyon Training Expedition runs 9 days and 8 nights, starting and ending in El Paso, Texas. Training groups are limited to eight students. You are free to bring your own motorcycle.

Rentals are also available. Instruction is designed for the experienced road touring enthusiast who may be new to off-pavement riding. Experienced adventure riders will also benefit from Coach’s instruction with a review of the fundamentals of off-road riding and then learning precision traction management with less physical effort.

Riders whose bucket list includes an adventure trip through the Patagonia to Tierra del Fuego, the Sahara or the High Himalayas can use the Copper Canyon Training Expedition as building block for a more challenging journey.

MotoDiscovery will soon be expanding the training-expedition concept to other countries. Plans are also in the making to offer a more advanced and challenging curriculum for the more experienced rider. The road to adventure begins with MotoDiscovery.

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