Midwest Fall Foliage Colors Motorcycle Touring Alert — See it soon!Midwest Fall Foliage Colors Motorcycle Touring Alert

Striking fall foliage colors are now coming on strong around the upper Midwest right about now, but the colors won’t last long.

So, if you’re hoping to get in a day trip or longer motorcycle tour through the region to take in the splendor, don’t wait too long. Soon there will be a day or two of cold temperatures, wind-driven snow and/or rain and the colors will be gone until next fall.

But not all parts of each state reach peak color at the same time—some areas of the far northern tier of states may already have passed peak colors and most of the leaves are on the ground, but that may not necessarily be true of all counties in each state and particularly their southern counties.

Temperatures for the coming week or so have been forecast to be in the upper fifties to low sixties with partly cloudy skies and generally dry conditions for much of the upper Midwest.

Of course, long range forecasts should always be checked out with more near-term weather information, but if the weather is good for riding, there is still time to see some spectacular fall colors.

To get the latest information on fall color status in each part of the state you might be considering, some state tourism or natural resources departments have set up websites with information.

For example, the state of Wisconsin has a website that provides current fall color view status county by county. Check it out here.

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