Sauk Prairie Harley-Davidson | 35th Anniversary Bash

Sauk Prairie Harley-Davidson | 35th Anniversary Bash RecapSauk Prairie Harley-Davidson

Let’s face it, making it for 35 years in any business is an accomplishment. But lasting that long selling motorcycles and associated items in the upper Midwest where the weather is against your product nearly half the year has to rise to near-miracle status.

Yet, that is exactly what Sauk Prairie Harley-Davidson proprietor, Virgil “Wolf” Schulenburg, and his staff have accomplished as of 2014.

Schulenburg became a franchised Harley-Davidson dealer at the tender age of 25, when he opened his dealership in Sauk City, Wis., in November, 1979. Over the years, despite the many ups and downs of the national and state economy, the business enjoyed sustained growth. In 2009, despite the recession, Schulenburg expanded the business with the acquisition of Dubuque Harley-Davidson in Dubuque, Iowa.

To achieve that kind of success, Schulenburg and his team must be doing something—well, quite a few things right.

Evidence of that is shown by the fact that the business has achieved 17 Gold Bar and Shield Circle of Excellence awards in its history — emblematic of being one of the top 25 dealers in the United States. The Sauk-Prairie location employs nearly 40 people in all, and the Dubuque location has a staff of nearly 35.

Sauk Prairie Harley-Davidson | 35th Anniversary Bash RecapSauk Prairie Harley-Davidson has not only made an imprint on the larger Harley-Davidson business as a national performer, it is a high profile corporate citizen in its own community, active in a number of charities and activities, with its annual Freedom Ride for the Muscular Dystrophy Association typically raising over $100,000 for that cause.

So, with that long, impressive history of success, it’s not surprising that the dealership has developed a huge following and that small army of friends and satisfied customers turned out Saturday, Sept. 6 in the hundreds to join in the 35th Anniversary bash at the dealership in Sauk City.

The event was favored with spectacular September weather and included live music, demo rides, Iron Lust Calendar Bike Show and Bikini Contest, door prizes, hog roast, beverages.

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