Cheyenne Bike - The Recidivist | Custom Motorcycle with Real TattoosCheyenne Bike – The Recidivist

Game Over Cycles out of Poland has collaborated with two other European companies to create a very unique  motorcycle – “Cheyenne Bike – The Recidivist” – a custom with real tattoos.

The machine, created with Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment of Germany and the Dutch Zodiac Performance Products for Harley-Davidson, is inspired by the art of permanent body adornment.

Still a work in progress, the Cheyenne will be covered with a light-colored leather similar to the color of human skin. And from there, artists from two Polish tattoo studios – Individuum and STEEL WILL – will utilize Cheyenne tattoo equipment to create real tattoos directly on a motorcycle.

Decorating bikes with tattoo motifs made with an airbrush is nothing new, but the Cheyenne will feature authentic tattoos just like a human.

In addition, Cheyenne Bike – The Recidivist will be equipped with a professional motorcycle parts supplied by Zodiac.

Speaking of the bike, Game Over Cycles says “Just as traditionally prison tattoos were form of secret code used by prisoners as mean of communication and personal expression, similarly each owner of a custom motorcycle expresses himself in the construction and decorations of his machine.

“Cheyenne Bike – The Recidivist project combines those two worlds and means of expression in one, unique on global scale project.”

The finished custom bike will premier during the London International Tattoo Convention 2014 this September, which many consider the most prestigious body-art convention in the world.

For additional information, visit Game Over Cycles.