HeliBars Honda CBR500R Handlebar Risers Produce Naked-Bike Comfort

HeliBars Honda CBR500R Handlebar Risers Produce Naked-Bike Comfort

HeliBars Honda CBR500R

HeliBars new handlebar risers for Honda CBR500R sportbikes give this full-fairing motorcycle the ergonomic comfort of its higher-barred, naked CBR500F sibling, while leaving the R’s sporty looks and superior wind protection intact.

Professional Opinions

Motojournalists testing the upright F discovered that its one-piece handlebar sits 1-3/4 inches taller than the CBR500R’s low-mounted clip-ons, translating to a more upright riding position on the naked version. They said that the F is not only more comfortable to ride, but also felt lighter through the twisties because of the better leverage from the higher and wider handlebar setup.

Affordable Comfort and Lighter, Lower-Effort Handling

Instead of awkwardly bolting a tubular handlebar above the CBR500R’s steering stem, to remedy these findings, Heli’s unique risers reposition the bike’s stock clip-on bars. These 6061 billet aluminum mounts bring the handlebars 1-1/2 inches higher, 2-1/2 inches closer to riders and are ½-inch wider.

Easy to install with common tools, the CBR500R risers create a dramatically less cramped seating posture that allows motorcyclists do what they love best–get out on the open road. In addition to providing long-distance and around-town comfort, the taller, wider bars make for lighter, lower-effort, more nimble maneuverability and better transmit chassis feedback. They also optimize wrist angles, so riders can more easily support their weight, lessening fatigue and facilitate easier body English adjustments.

From The Designer

Product designer Harry Eddy has been waiting to put this new design to use: He says, “I came up with this handlebar riser design many years ago but have been unable to utilize it until the CBR500R hit the street. It’s simple, in theory. Retain the stock clip-ons and reposition them to a taller, more rear-set position. The new CBR’s fuel tank shape and fairing design has permitted this. It’s a cost-effective design we’re able to offer at a very affordable price.”

Engineered to fit ABS-equipped and non-ABS CBR500Rs, these HeliBars risers comes in a black powdercoat finish and are held together with high-quality Allen-head hardware. The low-key risers keep this sportbike’s hot-bodied looks intact by reusing the original throttle cables, anti-vibration damper assemblies and bar-end weights, while a hydraulic front brake line extension is supplied.

Made in the USA, these risers and all HeliBars products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee via Heli’s 30-day return policy, and come with a one-year warranty.

Defining Features

  • Taller billet aluminum risers that reposition the stock handlebars
  • Less cramped seating posture helps increase steering leverage for lighter steering, more nimble low-speed maneuverability and better chassis feedback
  • Optimizes riders’ wrist angles so they can more easily support their weight
  • Additional height: 1-1/2 in.
  • Closer to rider: 2-1/2 in.
  • Width: 1/2 in. more than stock
  • Enables easier body English adjustments
  • Boosts comfort without changing looks
  • Bolts on easily without cockpit modifications
  • Installs with common tools
  • Kit includes a hydraulic brake line extension
  • Retains the original cables, anti-vibration damper assemblies and bar-end weights
  • High-quality, alloy-steel Allen-head hardware.
  • Finish: Durable UV-resistant black powdercoat
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 30-day return policy
  • Warranty: One year
  • Retail Price: $239

For additional information, visit HeliBars.com.



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