TechSpec Gripster Tank Grips Available at Twisted Throttle

TechSpec Gripster Tank Grips Available at Twisted Throttle

TechSpec Gripster Tank Grips

Twisted Throttle is proud to announce that it is now a primary distributor for TechSpec Tank Grips.

Tank grips have been around since the 1940s, providing extra control and comfort for riders of all types of motorcycles. TechSpec takes this concept to the next level with its Gripster Tank Grip Pads, providing a textured grip surface in an attractive, bike model-specific package.

TechSpec’s Gripster Tank Grips are designed specifically to assist in the rider's ability to better control their body position. Gripping the motorcycle between your legs during acceleration, deceleration and cornering helps minimize unwanted sliding in the saddle for better weight distribution and improved motorcycle handling, as well as decreasing overall body fatigue.

While common on sport bikes, especially those set up for the track, tank pads are also a useful addition to Adventure bikes. When standing on the pegs off road, the pads provide a comfortable and secure place to grip the tank with the knees, aiding in overall control and confidence.

The Gripster's specially designed materials and textures will not damage leathers or riding pants, and unlike most other competitors' products its unique "Releasable Adhesive" is removable so the rider can re-position or remove the pads if desired, without damage to the paint or compromising the adhesive's performance.

Three versions are available:

The Snake Skin pad is the most popular in TechSpec's line, with the thickest pad at 0.125" for the ultimate in comfort and a low profile diamond texture that offers superb grip for all types of motorcycles.

The new C3 pad uses a 0.100" thick synthica rubber grip pad with an oval texture for excellent grip and provides the greatest amount of vibration reduction and comfort.

The High Fusion pad is a super-thin 0.035" pad made from a synthetic rubber blend with a simple rough texture for super lightweight grip.

All three versions us TechSpec's "Releasable Adhesive" that allows re-positioning or removal as needed.

Pre-cut, bike-specific kits are available for most popular motorcycles.

See the whole line of TechSpec Gripster Tank Grips at


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