High Andes, Deep Amazon Tour Video Interview

Ultimate MotorCycling Associate Editor Jess McKinley recently rode the High Andes, Deep Amazon Tour with Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental.

He spent two weeks in Ecuador piloting a Husqvarna Terra 650 throughout the South American terrain.

In his review of the trip, McKinley writes “The terrain begins to dissolve away from volcanic rocks to softer clay and sand as we descend, literally for hours, from the Andes towards the Amazon basin.

“Mountainsides are seemingly bleeding water as snowmelt and tropical rain coalesce into rivers, lured by gravity into cascading waterfall crescendos. As we ride through misty and wet conditions, rain gear becomes the order of the day on the relatively good tarmac roads we ride toward the small river town of Puerto Misahuallí.”

Following the trip, Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental interviewed McKinley, who provides much insight into the trip; the review is attached above.

For McKinkley’s full story on the tour, visit Ecuador Freedom’s Andes to the Amazon.

UMC’s McKinley Talks Ecuador Freedom High Andes, Deep Amazon Tour