Schuberth SR1 Review | ‘Feels Light, Yet Substantial’

Schuberth SR1 Review | Motorcycle Race Helmet Test
Schuberth SR1
Schuberth SR1 Review | Motorcycle Race Helmet Test
Schuberth SR1

Schuberth SR1 Review

Schuberth’s forte is the production of some of the best helmets for motorsports, and more, with over 70 years of experience.

Its new SR1 race helmet feels light, yet substantial, with an impressive angular appearance. Incorporated are unique features, such as a three-way chin vent that can be turned off or clicked left or right to focus air intake through either the mouth area or to the cheeks, with the flow venting out through the fabric at the back of the collar.

This, in conjunction with twin top intake vents that exhaust through openings under the spoiler, provide the most effective ventilation I have ever experienced in a full-face helmet.

Unique small acoustic doors behind and below the ears are designed to slide open to allow more sound to penetrate, though I preferred them closed at all times. Riding with the door closed and without earplugs at a track day on a Suzuki GSX-R750 proved the SR1’s truly isolating nature; I felt a sense of calm during our sessions that I attribute to the helmet. Regardless, earplugs are still a good idea.

At the track, the SR1 exhibits little drag and no oscillation. Neutral at high speeds, it neither lifts nor presses down unduly. Body and head movements are not hampered by its mass, and it fits the race position well, including a tall and wide eye port.

The chin and neck area of the SR1 feel as enclosed and sealed as one imagines is possible, short of a deep sea diving helmet. Helmet fit is highly personal and you must be fitted by someone with helmet experience.

If you are wearing the proper size, be prepared to experience the snuggest fitting helmet ever. At first, I was unsure I could get it on; yet, once donned, it fit with balanced support against my face from forehead to chin in a way no other helmet has fit me before.

The face shield appears ultra-clear, and changes out in seconds with the push of a button. There is a sliding catch at the bottom to lock it closed and the detents for each visor position are nice and stiff, keeping the visor in whatever position you leave it no matter the speed.

The Schuberth SR1 is a beautifully orchestrated piece of highly functional safety equipment. Whether you race or are a spirited sportbike rider, this offering is worthy of your attention.

For additional information, visit Schuberth.

Story from the GearChange section of Ultimate MotorCycling magazine. For subscription services, click here.


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