C&S Custom Releases Honda Grom Wide-Tire Kit

C&S Custom Releases Honda Grom Wide-Tire Kits

C&S Custom Releases Honda Grom Wide-Tire KitsHonda Grom Wide-Tire Kits

At Daytona Bike Week, C&S Custom debuted its 16-inch (over-stock) swingarm and 200 wide-tire kit for the popular Honda Grom

And on Tuesday, the Lexington, N.C.-based company says its swingarm/wide-tire kit is now available for the Honda From.

“No matter where we stopped in Daytona, our little Honda Grom got mobbed by guys and gals wanting to know more about the cool little 125cc custom bike with the fat tire,” explained Charlie Michael, General Manager. “Since then our phone has not stopped ringing with interest in our Grom wide tire kit; it has become our fastest selling wide tire kit.”

C&S Custom Releases Honda Grom Wide-Tire KitsThe kit is designed specifically for Honda’s newest cult hero and includes a chrome molly swingarm that is specified from six to 16 inches over stock. The swingarm is available in raw metal, powder coat, custom painted or chrome. Currently, two styles of wheels are offered, with more sizes and styles in the pipeline.

The C&S Custom kit includes chain, front sprocket, rear sprocket, swingarm, rear wheel, rear tire, brake line and strut. Enthusiasts can also select an optional front wheel and tire combination as well as optional nitrous bottle bracket. Currently in the pipeline are optional 13- and 14-inch wheels for the Grom.

Reports indicate that the Grom has become the hottest-selling motorcycle in Honda’s fleet. And even though the bike is only delivering 9 HP and a top speed of 65mph, it is enjoyed by riders of all ages.

“The C&S Custom wide tire kit produces smiles from all who see the Grom, and it becomes a real attention getter wherever you go,” said Michael. “It is an ideal commuter bike with that combination of high fuel mileage and pizzazz.”

For additional information, visit candcustom.com.


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