S100 Care Set Review | Resolve Dirty Bike Syndrome

S100 Care Set Review | Resolve Dirty Bike Syndrome
S100 Care Set
S100 Care Set Review | Resolve Dirty Bike Syndrome
S100 Care Set

S100 Care Set Motorcycle Cleaner Set

You know the guy — he has a nice bike, but when he shows up at the local hangout, it’s kinda dirty and doesn’t shine like it should. Heck, maybe you’re that guy.

The S100 Care Set is an all-in-one solution to DBS (Dirty Bike Syndrome). Made up of four chemical products, plus a fancy towel and sponge, the Care Set provides a step-by-step method to a sparkling mount.

With your bike cooled down, start off by spraying it with Total Cycle Cleaner. The heavy-duty pump and ergonomic bottle are a nice change from a plain bottle with a flimsy sprayer. As soon as you have the bike covered with the Cleaner, spray it off with a jet spray from your hose (no need for a pressure washer).

Most road dirt and debris will be gone at this point in the process. Your bike will look great, though it will be wet. This next step is a bit tricky—using the Super-Absorbing Drying Towel.

Pull it out of the plastic container, but leave it folded. Take it to your washout sink and run warm water through it, and then slowly unfold the towel. As you unfold it, continue running the water and displace any slippery residue. Once that’s done, it is ready to dry the bike.

As unintuitive as it sounds, the Drying Towel works when wet. It won’t get 100-percent of the water off your bike, so you will need to use the included sponge and a traditional soft cloth towel for those hard-to-reach places, as the Drying Towel is thick. Rinse it out as you go, and then fold it up and put it back in the container damp.

With your clean bike and a fresh cloth towel, use the Motorcycle Detail + Wax spray to give the finish a lustrous shine. This product works great, and can be used without water on a bike that is basically clean. For those who live in salty areas, there is a can of Motorcycle Corrosion Protectant, something we couldn’t test fully in Southern California, though we did spray it on as a precaution.

Finally, you get a tube of Total Cycle Finish Restorer. It takes some elbow grease for certain jobs, and the results are worth it. We cleaned up a faded windshield pretty quickly, as well as a fogged headlight on a neighbor’s truck.

All packaged in a convenient plastic carrying case, the S100 Care Set, which retails for around $59, takes away any excuse your “buddy” might have for not keeping his bike looking brand spanking new.

Review from Ultimate MotorCycling magazine’s QuickShift section. For subscription services, click here.


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