2014 BMW Motorrad April Sales | Most Successful Motorcycle Sales Month
BMW R 1200 GS

2014 BMW Motorrad April Sales Report

With attribution once again going to the semi-water cooled BMW R 1200 GS, BMW Motorrad has  broken another monthly-sales record.

In April 2014, BMW Motorrad sold 16,344 motorcycles and maxi scooters to customers worldwide, which shows a 12-percent increase over April 2013. This performance makes April the most successful month for BMW Motorrad sales.

The sales record also follows BMW Motorrad’s most successful quarter. Through April 2014, BMW Motorrad has sold 45,063 units to customers worldwide, exceeding the same period last year by 14.6 percent, or 5,744 units.

Heiner Faust (BMW Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing) says: “With growth of 12 percent in April and 14.6 percent for the period up to April, we have been able to build very successfully on the momentum of an excellent season start.

“We have seen double-digit growth every month since the start of the year. Sales results in April even surpassed the existing record of March, making it the best month ever for BMW Motorrad.”

BMW says the sales increase can be attributed to stable market developments worldwide. In Europe (not including Germany), BMW Motorrad had supplied through April an additional 2,841 motorcycles and scooters. In Germany, sales are 672 units above the previous year’s level. BMW Motorrad is also seeing impressive growth in the USA and Asia.

The top model through April was once again the R1200GS; 9,826 of the adventure tourer were sold. Also in high demand were the new R 1200 GS Adventure (5,440 units as of April), the new R 1200 RT (3,760 units as of April) and the newcomers in the BMW model program R nineT (2,024 units as of April) and S 1000 R (1,679 as of April).

Heiner Faust continues, “The excellent sales results mean we are very confident in terms of how the season will develop. Demand for our newly launched Boxer and S series models is especially pleasing.

“We started supplying the BMW C evolution on May 2, 2014. After initial test rides, the world’s first electrically powered maxi scooter in the premium segment has received excellent reviews from the media, so now we are very much looking forward to the response of our customers in Europe.”