Ceres Police Department Adds 3 Zero DS Police Motorcycles to Fleet

Ceres Police Department Adds 3 Zero DS Police Motorcycles to Fleet
Zero DS Police Motorcycle
Ceres Police Department Adds 3 Zero DS Police Motorcycles to Fleet
Zero DS Police Motorcycle

Zero DS Police Motorcycles

The Ceres Police Department in California has purchased three Zero DS Police Motorcycles for its Traffic Unit fleet of motorcycles.

The electric motorcycles were purchased through a grant funded by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. The organization offered the 100-percent funded grant to keep air pollution free.

The Ceres Police Department says the electric motorcycles will also help in situations that need a “stealthy approach,” and the DS models will also be used for public relations and school-safety patrols.

“Police departments rely on their fleet motorcycles and vehicles everyday while in the line of duty and we are proud to be able to play a role in providing a motorcycle that meets police and department needs. Zero Motorcycles is continuously working towards providing top motorcycles that have been developed from the ground up to meet the requirements of law enforcement and security agencies,” said John Lloyd, Vice President of Global Sales for Zero Motorcycles.

“Zero has designed and engineered the police line-up based on feedback directly from patrol officers regarding their needs and responsibilities. We are honored to have the continued support of law enforcement and security agencies and are thrilled that the Ceres Police Department will be using Zero Police Motorcycles in their fleet.”

“The acquisition of these highly innovative law enforcement vehicles represents the collaborative effort of Ceres Police Department, Zero Motorcycles, and the Valley Air District to preserve the environment, increase policing efficiencies, and provide enhanced public safety services to the community. We are also interested in the health benefits for the officers by decreasing their exposure to the exhaust of traditional motorcycles,” said Art de Werk, Police Chief for Ceres Police Department.

“I commend the initiative of Sergeant Chris Perry and appreciate the generous support of the Valley Air District.  Community partnerships where we take advantage of innovative technology and intergovernmental support to deliver progressive law enforcement services should continue into the future.”

Zero continues to work directly with a variety of law enforcement, security and military agencies including current testing with the Los Angeles Police Department.

About the Zero DS Police Motorcycle

The Zero DS Police Motorcycle is fully electric and designed for police and security departments to have a cost effective way to patrol various terrains and road conditions as well as areas with noise and pollution limitations or restrictions allowing for a broader range of patrol area options. The Zero Police Motorcycles are fully equipped with pursuit emergency lighting and sirens, safety components, unique use case features, and plenty of functional storage options to carry gear, patrol items, and emergency medical equipment.

The Zero DS Police motorcycle was developed specifically for police and security agencies to be utilized to meet the daily needs and requirements of duty. Law enforcement agencies continue to be one of Zero’s fastest growing segments. Zero has worked with several local police departments and University police departments as well as international agencies in Hong Kong and Columbia. Since launching its exclusive law enforcement and security motorcycle line-up, Zero has developed electric motorcycle programs for police agencies like:

  •     Bogota Police Department
  •     Foothill-De Anza Community College Police Department
  •     Hong Kong Police Department
  •     Monterey Police Department
  •     San Jose State University Police Department
  •     Santa Cruz Police Department
  •     Scotts Valley Police Department
  •     San Mateo Police Department
  •     Many others

Zero Motorcycles has developed their police motorcycles to meet the increasing demand for street and dual sport police motorcycles on a global level with many Asian, European and South American countries taking interest. North America continues to be in high demand as well with several local police departments and campuses utilizing the motorcycles for security and patrol. Law enforcement and security agencies have found the Zero DS Police Motorcycle to be reliable with no routine powertrain maintenance and economically feasible with “fuel” cost at only a penny a mile. Zero continues to work directly with a variety of international, national and local law enforcement, security and military agencies to expand their motorcycle fleets and integrate the use of Zero Motorcycles.

For exclusive information regarding Zero’s Police line- up, including video testimonial, visit www.zeromotorcycles.com/fleet.


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