Zero’s New Video Makes Bold Claim About Electric Motorcycles

Zero's New Video Makes Bold Claim About Electric Motorcycles
Zero’s New Video Makes Bold Claim About Electric Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles “It’s Just Better” Video

Zero Motorcycles has ultimate faith in the electric-motorcycle industry. To demonstrate, the Santa Cruz-based company challenges seven riders to experience one of its electric motorcycles, and caught all reactions on video.

Zero Motorcycles says here is ome of the commentary about electric motorcycles before the demonstration:

“My only preconceived idea is that it would be similar to a scooter.” – Amanda

“What’s the range of the batteries, and how long does it take to recharge?” – David

“Is it going to be fun?” – Sean

Zero brought a few machines from their 2014 lineup – S, DS, FX, and SR – to show the full range of capabilities. Zero sent the riders on a ride in California, and had a film crew follow them and capture all feedback.

“We are always excited to introduce the benefits and enjoyment of owning a Zero motorcycle to riders that have never experienced it firsthand. We understand there are opinions and ideas from non-electric riders, and we enjoy showing them that electric motorcycles are just as much fun and powerful as their gas-powered counterparts,” said Scot Harden, Vice President of Marketing, Zero Motorcycles.

“The 2014 model line is our best ever—more powerful, more refined, and more thrilling to ride. Electric motorcycles are great for commuting or heading out for a fun afternoon. With increased performance, quality and features for 2014, we invite everyone to visit their local dealer and take advantage of the demo opportunity to experience a Zero.”

The video is attached above. For additional information, visit Zero Motorcycles.