AMA Speedway Partner List Grows for 2014

AMA Speedway Partner List Grows for 2014
AMA Speedway Partner List Grows for 2014
AMA Speedway Partner List Grows for 2014
AMA Speedway Partner List Grows for 2014

AMA Speedway

American speedway racing continues making strides in California and beyond, as the calendar for American Motorcyclist Association sanctioned events grows and the industry, racing community and the AMA continue a strong commitment to international team competition.

In addition, competitors in AMA Speedway competition will receive an AMA Speedway Racing License for 2014. Designed to hang on a lanyard, the license will include a rider’s photo, division and other critical information. Partnering speedway promoters will waive or reduce additional annual track fees for AMA-licensed speedway competitors.

“The AMA has made a long-term commitment to advancing the sport of speedway competition in America, and our efforts are enhanced by these partnerships,” said AMA Director of Racing Bill Cumbow. “We’re looking forward to another year of positive growth for speedway, both in this country and abroad as American riders vie for international recognition.”

New for 2014, Industry Racing ( is sanctioning its full competition calendar with the AMA. Industry Racing, which will hold 14 events at the Industry Hills Expo Center in Industry, Calif., in 2014, is an anchor of speedway racing in Southern California. Opening day is May 28 and will feature racing in all divisions, including sidecars.

“The Industry Racing Team is very excited to work in conjunction with the AMA,” said Industry Racing Operations Manager Carol J. Perez. “This will help support the continued growth of American speedway racing in Southern California and build the platform for American speedway racers to launch their professional racing careers in Europe.”

Added Industry Racing Race Track Director Kelly Inman: “We have had a great relationship with AMA over the last couple years with the sanctioning of select events, and we see a benefit for the track and its riders to compete under America’s premier motorcycle racing sanctioning body. Corporate sponsorship, and attracting riders from other facets of motorcycle racing, especially youth riders, are just a couple examples of how being sanctioned by the AMA can help our efforts to grow the sport.”

Industry Racing joins Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway in Northern California’s Auburn on the AMA schedule. Fast Fridays ( has 20 events scheduled for 2014. The season kicks off with Magnussen’s Dodge Corona Find Your Beach Night Season Opener on May 9.

“I am thrilled that the hard-working group at Industry Racing will join the AMA in helping reinforce the association’s huge efforts to improve American speedway, not only at the national level, but also at the international level, especially with our FIM World Team Cup team,” said Fast Friday’s Dave Joiner, a 19-year veteran of AMA-sanctioned racing promotions. “We must increase AMA membership and American speedway participation to help fuel the continued growth of the sport. We’re also pleased to participate in the new AMA Speedway Racing License program. This should be very popular with all supporters and speedway racers, and help bind the speedway community together.”

The expert classes at Industry Racing and Fast Fridays events will feature the country’s top riders, a select few of whom will represent the United States in the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Speedway World Cup and Team Speedway Under-21 World Championship campaigns, managed by Billy Hamill, 1996 Speedway world champion, a past U.S. championship team member and 2012 AMA Sportsman of the Year.

“Industry Racing is a top program, and it’s great to see them sanction all their events with the AMA,” Hamill said. “Industry Racing has been and continues to be very supportive of furthering youth development here in the United States. They’ve also been very supportive of our international racing efforts. All of this can benefit American speedway for years to come.”

Speedway bikes can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 3 seconds, and skilled riders can navigate an entire oval at full speed, sliding within inches of each other as they round the curves fully sideways. A typical speedway program features back-to-back racing, as riders earn their slot on the main event grid through a series of thrilling, fast-paced qualifiers.