2014 Dakar Yamaha Recap Video | Despres, Pain, Metge, Verhoeven Film
Yamaha’s Cyril Despres at 2014 Dakar Rally

2014 Dakar Yamaha Recap Video

The biggest news ahead of 2014 Dakar Rally was Cyril Despres’ switch from KTM to the factory Yamaha squad.

Despres, a five-time Dakar winner, didn’t have the most luck; following 13 stages at 2014 Dakar, he took fourth overall – the first time he finished off the podium.

This was an amazing effort for the YZF450 Rally, considering the team only spent a few months developing it for the world’s “toughest rally.” But more impressive was teammate Olivier Pain, who finished third overall at 2014 Dakar.

As for the other two riders, Michael Metge took 13th overall, and Frans Verhoeven suffered a DNF after breaking his arm in a crash during the third stage.

Yamaha released the attached video, recapping its performance at 2014 Dakar Rally. For a review, including full motorcycle results, click 2014 Dakar Rally Final Results.