Yamaha Entry-Level Sportbike Teaser Video

At the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show last November, Yamaha debuted its R25 concept bike – an entry-level sportbike donning YZR-M1 styling (think Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo) directly aimed at the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Honda CBR250R.

And this R25 is likely the concept version of what will be unveiled in six days. Yes, six days from the time of this writing, according to Yamaha’s latest teaser site, Rev STATION. Along with the site arrives the teaser video attached above.

The 250cc-powered entry-level R25 Concept sportbike will likely be marketed as the YZR-R25 in Japan and Europe, and the Yamaha YZF-R3 in America.

In January, Yamaha filed for to trademark the YZR-R3 and R3 names in America, pushing speculation towards the model arriving stateside. As for the engine, it may arrive with either the 250cc featured in the concept R25, or maybe a 300cc.

Besides the entry-level sportbike teased in the video, Yamaha also flashes what appears to be a  new maxi scooter.

With competition from other entry-level sportbikes, and maxi scooters such as the BMW C 600, Yamaha needed to debut something. And it appears we will see both in six days and counting…according to the teaser site.

Yamaha Teases the YZF-R3 / YZR-R25 Sportbikes in New Video?
Yamaha Concept R25, an entry-level sportbike donning YZR-M1 MotoGP styling