Repsol’s Toni Bou Achieves Record Win at Barcelona X-Trial

Repsol Montesa Honda's Toni Bou
Repsol Montesa Honda's Toni Bou
Repsol Montesa Honda’s Toni Bou

2014 X-Trial World Championship Catalunya Grand Prix Results

Toni Bou’s dominance in the X-Trial World Championship continued this past weekend in his hometown of Barcelona.

As the Spaniard chases his eight consecutive X-Trial title, he took his eighth win in Barcelona’s annual round. This feat allowed him to beat Jordi Tarres’ record in the Barcelona round, which was seven wins. Also, with his third win in three rounds so far this season, Bou has a record of 24-consecutive victories in the indoor X-Trial series.

Repsol reports that backed by his home crowd at the Palau Sant Jordi, Bou won the Catalunya Grand Prix of the X-Trial World Championship by showing a riding level above his rivals, which allowed him to secure an indisputable victory in the decisive phase of a round where he only received one point.

In the four areas of the finale, Bou finished 8 points ahead of the second, Adam Raga, and 14 ahead of the third, Albert Cabestany, Repsol reports.

Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa Honda) says: “Today we had a race worthy of the World Championship, with a very high level, so I’m very happy with this victory. It was great to see such a huge crowd, because in Barcelona the fans know this sport and for us their support is very important.

“I think I rode well and I felt comfortable the whole week. We worked a lot to prepare the bike for this race, that is very complicated due to the dust and even the water in some areas, as the enduro race is also held here. We already left half of the Championship behind and this win, together with the victory in Sheffield, were both very important. I am looking forward to Milan to try to win another Championship, because with these rules every round takes a lot of effort.”

With two rounds remaining in the 2014 X-Trial World Championship, Bou now has a 21-point lead over Cabestany. The series continues in Milan March 15, with the final round occurring in Madrid, March 28.

2014 Barcelona X-Trial World Championship Results:
1. Toni Bou     Repsol Montesa Honda     1 point
2. Adam Raga     Gas Gas     9 points
3. Albert Cabestany     Sherco     15 points
4. James Dabill     Beta     15 points
5. Jeroni Fajardo     Beta     14 points
6. Takahisa Fujinami     Repsol Montesa Honda     16 points

2014 X-Trial World Championship:
1. Toni Bou     Repsol Montesa Honda     60 points
2. Albert Cabestany     Sherco     39 points
3. Adam Raga     Gas Gas     36 points
4. Jeroni Fajardo     Beta     24 points
5. James Dabill     Beta     23 points
6. Takahisa Fujinami     Repsol Montesa Honda     19 points


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